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Ormi is one of Leblanc's two henchmen in Final Fantasy X-2, together with Logos. He uses a big shield as a weapon and is faced as a recurring boss.



Ormi is a short obese man who wears a large shield on his back adorned with the heart logo of the Leblanc Syndicate. He wears predominantly purple samurai-style attire.


Ormi is dimwitted and lets his emotions get out of hand, being held back by the more rational Logos. Ormi is devoted to Leblanc and strives to serve her and help accomplish whatever goals she may set for the syndicate.


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Ormi and Logos worked for Yevon under Maester Wen Kinoc to assure the failure of the Crimson Squad before joining up with Leblanc. When Leblanc poses as Yuna and organizes a concert in Luca, Rikku and Paine disrupt the show to retrieve their stolen Garment Grid. When Ormi and Logos cut Rikku and Paine's escape route, Yuna joins the battle. After losing against the Gullwings, Ormi and Logos flee with Leblanc to their Chateau Leblanc hideout in Guadosalam.

Near Mt. Gagazet's summit, Ormi, Logos and Leblanc compete with the Gullwings for the sphere hidden in the abandoned Floating Ruins. On the way to the top, Ormi sends goons to halt the Gullwings' progress, but the syndicate is beaten by Boris, guardian spider of the Gagazet's "shrine".

Ormi and Logos join in the fiend hunt in the Mushroom Rock Road to get to the entrance of the Den of Woe, and are surprised to find the Gullwings spying on them and flee. While escaping, they drop one of the Crimson Spheres needed to open the den's gate.

The Leblanc Syndicate breaks into the Gullwings' airship, the Celsius, to steal a broken sphere the Gullwings had found in the Zanarkand Ruins because they already have the other half. The Gullwings plan to take it back by disguising as Leblanc's goons.

When the Gullwings obtain a sphere on the Djose Highroad, Ormi appears and asks them to give it to him, which they refuse. A shocked Ormi tells Logos that they won't give back the sphere, and Logos declares that they will it take it back by force. Ormi, Logos, and a Fem-Goon battle the Gullwings, but are defeated. They flee, allowing the girls to acquire a uniform. At Mt. Gagazet, Ormi runs into the Gullwings and Paine tells him that the syndicate's goons are taking a break on the hot springs. Rikku suggests that Ormi is trying to sneak a peek, which angers Ormi and he battles them. He loses and flees. The goons, hearing the conversation, leave the hot springs and battle the Gullwings, but lose, allowing the girls to acquire a third uniform.

When the Gullwings sneak into Chateau Leblanc, Ormi and Logos order the disguised Gullwings to massage Leblanc. Afterward they order the Gullwings to check on the switch that leads to an underground maze. When Brother inadvertently blows their cover, Ormi spots the Gullwings and battles them. He loses and flees to warn Logos. The Gullwings investigate Logos's room and find a dud sphere before being confronted by Ormi and Logos. They lose the battle and flee to warn Leblanc. The Gullwings find their half of the sphere, and realize that the syndicate already had the other half. Ormi, Logos, and Leblanc battle them one final time, but are again defeated.

The Gullwings view the newly restored sphere that shows the location of Vegnagun. Knowing how dangerous Vegnagun is, the Gullwings and the syndicate put their differences aside and decide to investigate Bevelle Underground together to learn more about the ancient machina weapon. They find Vegnagun has disappeared from the deepest part of the underground, and Ormi and Logos record everything under Leblanc's orders.

When Baralai gets possessed by Shuyin and leaves for the Farplane to activate Vegnagun, Nooj and Gippal follow. After the Gullwings put an end to the rising conflict between Youth League and New Yevon by organizing a concert, they decide to follow Nooj and Gippal, and are joined by Leblanc, Ormi, and Logos. The sphere hunters make their way to the heart of the Farplane where Leblanc, Ormi, and Logos help the Gullwings, Nooj, and Gippal dismantle Vegnagun.

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Ormi is fought numerous times, usually alongside Logos or Leblanc. He can be fought alone or with some of Leblanc's Goons. Ormi originally held the record of being the most recurring boss in any Final Fantasy game, appearing in a battle a total of seven times in Final Fantasy X-2. His record is beaten by Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ormi appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth-elemental Forward cards depicting his Tetsuya Nomura artwork.



His Japanese name is Unō. Unō (右脳) means "right brain" in Japanese.