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Prince Orinus Atkascha, also known Prince Orinas, is Duke Larg's candidate for King of Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics. While he is mentioned, he does not appear in the game. He is 1 year old at the beginning and his birthday is November 23, making him an Sagittarius.


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King Ondoria Atkascha III and his wife Queen Louveria had two sons, but both perished, leaving the throne heirless. The Council, who detests the prospect of Queen Louveria's hold to the throne, installed Princess Ovelia as future heir to Ondoria. Just as the princess joined House Atkascha, Orinus was born. His birth caused a series of conflicts, particularly on the heir of the Ivalice throne. As the Knights Templar leader Folmarv Tengille suggests, Orinus could possibly not be the true heir of King Ondoria, but the child sired by another man with Queen Louveria due to the king's weak health.

Queen Louveria made a plot with Duke Larg and named him regent to Orinus, since Orinus is just an infant. With Orinus as heir, the Queen would rule alongside her brother Larg. The nobles reject Larg in favor of Duke Goltanna. After Larg hastily coronates Orinus after the king's death, the War of the Lions breaks out. Larg is assassinated, leaving Orinus to fend for his own. Orinus eventually became a fugitive, and finally settled in Romanda.

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