There have been three different releases of the original soundtracks of Final Fantasy IV, corresponding to the original release, the release of Final Fantasy Chronicles and the release of the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV the first to include a Piano Collections album, a practice that continued in the series afterward. Another arranged album, Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon, was released as well, performed by Máire Breatnach in the style of Celtic music.

Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version is the complete soundtrack for the SNES version Final Fantasy IV, on one disc. All themes are composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu.

Uematsu noted that the soundtrack's production was an arduous task, involving much trial and error. The reason stemmed from the then-recent transition phase from the Famicom to the Super Famicom hardware.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "The Prelude" (プレリュード, Pureryūdo?) - 1:13
    Plays in the Final Fantasy IV Advance main menu.
  2. "The Red Wings" (赤い翼, Akai Tsubasa?) - 2:06
    Cecil's theme and the theme of the Red Wings of Baron. Also plays when Cecil fights the Dark Knight and when the party's friends help fight the Giant of Babil.
  3. "Kingdom of Baron" (バロン王国, Baron Ōkoku?) - 1:10
    Baron Castle's theme.
  4. "Theme of Love" (愛のテーマ, Ai no Tēma?) - 1:49
    Rosa's theme.
  5. "Prologue" (オープニング, Ōpuningu?, lit. Opening) - 1:10
    The opening theme. It was included in the music album Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon arranged in a traditional Irish style and produced by Máire Breatnach.
  6. "Welcome to Our Town!" (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?, lit. Town Theme) - 0:49
    The town theme.
  7. "Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV" (ファイナルファンタジーIV メインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī IV Mein Tēma?) - 1:25
    The overworld theme.
  8. "Battle 1" (バトル1, Batoru 1?) - 1:00
    The battle theme.
  9. "Fanfare" (勝利のファンファーレ, Shōri no Fanfāre?, lit. Victory Fanfare) - 0:25
    Plays whenever the party wins a battle.
  10. "Enter Fat Chocobo!" (デブチョコボ登場, Debu Chokobo Tōjō?) - 0:24
    Plays when the Fat Chocobo appears.
  11. "Chocobo Chocobo" (チョコボ, Chokobo?, lit. Chocobo) - 0:30
    Plays when the party rides a yellow chocobo.
  12. "Into the Darkness" (ダンジョン, Danjon?, lit. Dungeon) - 1:21
    Plays when the party enters a dungeon. It is included in Celtic Moon.
  13. "Battle 2" (バトル2, Batoru 2?) - 1:13
    The boss battle theme.
  14. "Bomb Ring" (ボムの指輪, Bomu no Yubiwa?) - 0:52
    Plays when the bombs attack Mist. Also plays when Leviathan attacks the ship, before the party fights the three Goblin Captains in the Super Cannon, and when the Giant of Babil appears.
  15. "Rydia" (少女リディア, Shōjo Ridia?, lit. Little Girl Rydia) - 1:01
    Rydia's theme. It was included in Celtic Moon.
  16. "Damcyan Castle" (ダムシアン城, Damushian-jō?) - 1:03
    The eponymous theme of the location. Also plays in Eblan Castle.
  17. "Sorrow and Loss" (哀しみのテーマ, Kanashimi no Tēma?, lit. Theme of Sorrow) - 1:01
    Plays during sad scenes, such as Anna and Tellah's death, Palom, Porom, and Yang's sacrifice, and Kain rejoining the party after the destruction of the Giant of Babil.
  18. "Edward's Harp" (ギルバートのリュート, Girubāto no Ryūto?, lit. Gilbart's Lute) - 0:54
    Edward's theme. "Edward's Harp" was included in the arranged album Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon (titled "Melody of Lute") and as a vocal arrangement in the album Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow performed by Risa Ohki.
  19. "Mt. Ordeals" (試練の山, Shiren no Yama?) - 1:18
    The eponymous theme of the location. Also plays in Mt. Hobs.
  20. "Fabul" (ファブール国, Fabūru Kuni?, lit. Country of Fabul) - 1:35
    The eponymous theme of the location.
  21. "Run!" (脱出, Dasshutsu?, lit. Escape) - 0:24
    Plays during tight situations.
  22. "Suspicion" (疑惑のテーマ, Giwaku no Tēma?, lit. Theme of Suspicion) - 0:37
    Plays during some scenes with Kain Highwind. Also plays when the king discharges Cecil as captain of the Red Wings and when Cecil fights Kain one-on-one.
  23. "Golbez, Clad In Darkness" (黒い甲冑ゴルべーザ, Kuroi Kacchū Gorubēza?, lit. Black-armored Golbeza) - 1:00
    Golbez's theme.
  24. "Hey, Cid!" (親方シド, Oyakata Shido?, lit. Master Cid) - 0:55
    Cid's theme.
  25. "Mystic Mysidia" (ミシディア国, Mishidia-koku?, lit. Mysidia Country) - 1:19
    Mysidia's theme.
  26. "A Long Way to Go" (長い道のり, Nagai Michinori?) - 0:45
    Plays during Cecil's meeting with the Elder of Mysidia and in the Tower of Prayers.
  27. "Palom & Porom" (パロム・ポロムのテーマ, Paromu, Poromu no Tēma?, lit. Palom and Porom's Theme) - 0:37
    Palom and Porom's theme. Included in Celtic Moon.
  28. "Battle With the Four Fiends" (ゴルべーザ四天王とのバトル, Gorubēza Shitennō to no Batoru?, lit. Battle With Golbeza's Four Heavenly Kings) - 1:39
    Plays during the fights with the Archfiends except Scarmiglione's first form.
  29. "The Airship" (飛空挺, Hikūtei?) - 0:55
    Plays when flying an airship other than the Lunar Whale.
  30. "Troian Beauty" (トロイア国, Toroia-koku?, lit. Troia Country) - 1:23
    Troia's theme. Included in Celtic Moon.
  31. "Samba de Chocobo!" (サンバ・デ・チョコボ, Sanba de Chokobo?) - 0:45
    Another mix of the chocobo theme. Plays when the party rides a black chocobo.
  32. "Tower of Bab-il" (バブイルの塔, Babuiru no Tō?, lit. Tower of Bab'ell) - 1:31
    The eponymous theme of the location.
  33. "Somewhere In the World..." (一方その頃, Ippō sono koro?, lit. Meanwhile, at This Time...) - 0:33
    Plays in some screen changes and cutscenes, such as the meeting of Golbez with Scarmiglione and the airborne meeting between Kain and Cecil, where they discuss Rosa's ransom.
  34. "Land of Dwarves" (ドワーフの大地, Dowāfu no Daichi?) - 1:04
    An arrangement of the "Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV", it plays when journeying across the Underworld.
  35. "Giott, King of the Dwarves" (キング・ジォットの城, Kingu Jotto no Shiro?, lit. King Giotto's Castle) - 0:57
    Plays when the party visits the Dwarven Castle. It was included in Celtic Moon.
  36. "Dancing Calbrena" (踊る人形カルコブリーナ, Odoru Ningyō Karukoburīna?, lit. Dancing Doll Calcabrina) - 0:32
    Plays during the battle with the Calca and Brina before they combine. Also plays when the party speaks to a dancer in Mysidia and when the party meets Dr. Lugae. It was included in Celtic Moon.
  37. "Tower of Zot" (ゾットの塔, Zotto no Tō?) - 1:05
    The eponymous theme of the location. It also plays before the battle against an Archfiend.
  38. "The Land of Summons" (幻獣の街, Genjū no Machi?, lit. Town of Phantom Beasts) - 1:14
    The Feymarch's theme. It also plays in the Sylph Cave and in the Lair of the Father.
  39. "Lunar Whale" (魔導船, Madōsen?, lit. Magic Ship) - 1:08
    Plays inside the Lunar Whale.
  40. "Another Moon" (もう一つの月, Mō Hitotsu no Tsuki?) - 1:06
    Plays when walking around the Red Moon.
  41. "The Lunarians" (月の民, Tsuki no Tami?, lit. People of the Moon) - 1:16
    Plays at the Lunar Tunnel. Also plays when Fusoya frees Golbez from Zemus' control.
  42. "Within the Giant" (巨人のダンジョン, Kyojin no Danjon?, lit. Giant's Dungeon) - 1:27
    Plays when walking around inside the Giant of Babil and the final floors of the Lunar Subterrane.
    Included as a bonus song in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
  43. "The Final Battle" (最後の闘い, Saigo no Tatakai?) - 1:55
    Plays during the battle against Zeromus and Zeromus EG.
  44. "Epilogue" (エンディング・テーマ, Endingu Tēma?, lit. Ending Theme) - 11:37
    The ending theme.

Liner notes (translated from the original Japanese)[edit | edit source]

I have never before had a job go as smoothly as this one! Of course, I imagine that my workplace in Hawaii had much to do with that, where I could relax and concentrate on my job. The weather was great, and my office building overlooked Waikiki Beach. On the weekends, I went to concerts at Aloha Stadium; I just saw MC Hammer last week, in fact. But anyway, for me, the most delightful part of my stay was that, unlike Tokyo, there were hardly any cars or people.

Waikiki's Main Street, Kalakaua Avenue, has no congestion at all. In such a blessed environment, one idea for a composition came to me after another; I was never at a loss for inspiration! When my job tired me out, I would take a stroll on the beach with a beer in hand. Watching the blazing red sun set at twilight, feeling the cool, refreshing breeze against my cheek... sob, sob, sob... (crying)... splash, splash... (one teardrop, two teardrops)... I'm sorry... That's not true... My job wasn't anything like that... I just escaped into my dream world for a little while by just telling all you FF fans about it, and that made it seem real to me, so... Well, anyhow, it's been about six years since I got this game music job, hasn't it... And I've had many things happen to me in that time, many hardships - I've had compositions that I fought long and hard to create end up scrapped, been stuck for ideas just before deadline, has game magazines disparage my music, and had my bike break down. And then there was the time I went to the vending machine to buy a cola and ended up pressing the button for oolong tea by mistake... Aaah, but it doesn't matter... anyhow, it's been horrible up to now, my friends! And this job was even tougher! Since I was working with new hardware in the Super Famicom, the music was from start to finish a series of trials and errors, and the staff practically lived at the company, staying over in sleeping bags and doing nothing but working - I myself haven't had a full day off since February of last year! Do you believe it? We worked every day, through regular days off, summer vacation - all of them, everyone.

This was hardly our job; this was more like what Japanese salarymen do. And my staff on this project was constantly whining - "I'm too busy!" "I already did my best on the music!" "That guy's watching what I'm doing!" Now, they shouldn't say things like that - they should just enjoy themselves.

Yeah, those people are soft. When the pressure mounts, they buckle. You have to take care of yourself -

"By the way, boss, did you think my idea about working in Hawaii was good?"

"Well, you going to Hawaii could mean the difference between you writing good compositions and bad ones."

"Huh... What do you mean?"

"The waves are violent in Hawaii."

...and we all lived happily ever after.

April 13, 1991, 1:30 a.m. (in the office, naturally)
Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles is the North American release of the Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version album. It is almost the same as the original, except some titles were changed and a bonus track was added taken from the Piano Collections album.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Track List
# Track Name Duration
1. "The Prelude" 1:12
2. "Red Wings 2:06
3. "Kingdom Baron" 1:09
4. "Theme of Love" 1:49
5. "Prologue..." 1:10
6. "Welcome to Our Town!" 0:48
7. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV" 1:25
8. "Fight 1" 0:59
9. "Fanfare" 0:25
10. "Hello! Big Chocobo!" 0:24
11. "Chocobo Chocobo" 0:29
12. "Into the Darkness" 1:20
13. "Fight 2" 1:12
14. "Ring of Bomb" 0:52
15. "Rydia" 1:00
16. "Castle Damcyan" 1:02
17. "Cry in Sorrow" 1:00
18. "Melody of Lute" 0:53
19. "Mt.Ordeals" 1:18
20. "Fabul" 1:34
21. "Run!" 0:24
22. "Suspicion" 0:36
23. "Golbeza Clad in the Dark" 1:00
24. "Hey, Cid!" 0:55
25. "Mystic Mysidia" 1:19
26. "Long Way to Go" 0:45
27. "Palom & Porom" 0:36
28. "The Dreadful Fight" 1:38
29. "The Airship" 0:55
30. "Troian Beauty" 1:22
31. "Samba de Chocobo!" 0:44
32. "Tower of Bab-il" 1:30
33. "Somewhere in the World..." 0:33
34. "Land of Dwarves" 1:03
35. "Giott, the Great King" 0:57
36. "Dancing Calcobrena" 0:32
37. "Tower of Zot" 1:04
38. "Illusionary World 1:13
39. "The Big Whale" 1:07
40. "Another Moon" 1:06
41. "The Lunarians" 1:15
42. "Within the Giant" 1:26
43. "The Final Battle" 1:54
44. "Epilogue" 11:37
45. "Theme of Love" 3:58

Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV: Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV. All songs have been rearranged for the DS hardware by Junya Nakano or Kenichiro Fukui. Along with the new arrangements, the album features a vocal version of the "Theme of Love" called "Moonlight" (月の明り, Tsuki no Akari?) sung by Megumi Ida. The bonus DVD features the full FMV opening as well as a promotional trailer and an interview with composers and sound designers whose work is featured in the game.

Two versions of this soundtrack exist that both have the same catalog number: the "first pressing" edition, and the regular edition. The first pressing has a slipcase cover that features Cecil in both his dark knight and paladin appearances. The CD and DVD are exactly the same in both versions.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Track List (Disc 1)
# Track Name Duration
1. "FFIV DS Opening Movie" 3:02
2. "The Prelude" 2:16
3. "Red Wings" 2:31
4. "The Kingdom of Baron" 1:32
5. "Theme of Love" 3:10
6. "Prologue" 2:04
7. "Welcome to Our Town!" 3:15
8. "FFIV Main Theme" 2:47
9. "Battle Theme A" 1:56
10. "Victory Fanfare" 0:41
11. "Hello, Fat Chocobo!" 0:35
12. "Chocobo Chocobo" 1:55
13. "Into the Darkness" 1:54
14. "Battle Theme B" 2:23
15. "The Ring" 1:50
16. "Rydia" 2:38
17. "Damcyan Castle" 1:33
18. "Tears of Sorrow" 2:06
19. "Harp Melody" 1:52
20. "Mount Ordeals" 3:20
21. "Fabul" 1:48
22. "Run!" 0:56
23. "Disbelief" 1:07
24. "Golbez" 1:59
25. "Hey, Cid!" 1:11
Track List (Disc 2)
# Track Name Duration
1. "Mystic Mysidia" 1:43
2. "Long Way to Go" 1:19
3. "Palom & Porom" 0:49
4. "The Dreadful Fight" 3:09
5. "The Airship" 0:58
6. "Troian Beauty" 3:35
7. "Samba de Chocobo" 1:12
8. "The Tower of Babil" 2:09
9. "Meanwhile..." 0:59
10. "Land of the Dwarves" 2:05
11. "The Great King Giott" 1:20
12. "Dancing Calcabrina" 1:05
13. "The Tower of Zot" 1:35
14. "The Feymarch" 1:34
15. "The Lunar Whale" 1:17
16. "Another Moon" 2:14
17. "The Lunarians" 2:37
18. "Within the Giant" 2:18
19. "The Final Battle" 2:51
20. "Epilogue - Part One" 4:35
21. "Epilogue - Part Two" 4:32
22. "Epilogue - Part Three" 4:52
23. "TSUKINO AKARI (Ending Theme)" 2:12
24. "The Paladin" 0:26
25. "Chocobo Forest" 0:22
26. "The Dancer" 0:14
27. "Inn / Surprise / More Tears / Fanfare A / Fanfare B" 0:50
Track List (Disc 3)
# Track Name Duration
1. Final Fantasy IV Opening Movie 2:58
2. Final Fantasy IV Sale Period Promotional Movie 3:40
3. Final Fantasy IV Sound Creators Special Interview 17:33

Music samples[edit | edit source]

"Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV'"

Sheet music[edit | edit source]

The Sheet music for the official soundtracks has been published in a few different publications. The first one was published in 1997 by DOREMI Music Publishing to commemorate the game's release on the PlayStation, and contains Asako Niwa's solo piano arrangements for the music on the Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version. Another book was released at the at time of the game's Nintendo DS release, containing solo piano arrangements for the music on the Nintendo DS version of the Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack.

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