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Final Fantasy VI was a sort of ending point for me. Not just the music, but the whole game. I thought, if I do this work for the rest of my life, how many more games will I be able to do? With the satisfaction and excitement I felt after finishing that project, I thought I had reached my primary goal, and could quit doing game music with no regrets.

Nobuo Uematsu[1]

The original soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI was released in Japan and North America as two separate compilations respectively called Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version and Kefka's Domain - The complete soundtrack from the Final Fantasy III video game.

The last of the soundtracks to be issued for the 16-bit generation of consoles, the album is the longest recorded for said generation of Final Fantasy games. For Nobuo Uematsu, the music of Final Fantasy VI marked the end of a stage in his career, which was well-grounded by then in the video game music industry.

The music was subsequently included in two arranged compilation albums: Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale and its respective Piano Collections album. The Original Soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI has received raving reviews, being hailed more than once as one of the best video game soundtracks. The game features numerous fan favorites such as "Terra's Theme" and the "Aria di Mezzo Carattere".

When Uematsu started composing for Final Fantasy VI it marked the moment he could start experimenting for the first time. Square had more technological possibilities available, and at the time the team was still quite small, so there was a strong feeling of cooperation and trying to build something ground-breaking.[2]

Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version[]

Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version is the name of the three disc set containing all of the tracks from Final Fantasy VI in their original sound versions. A remastered version, called Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Remaster, was also released.

Track list[]

Final Fantasy VI has three English track lists

  • One included with the booklet of the Japanese Original Sound Version. This same tracklist is used in Doremi's accompanying sheet music book with a few typos. Themes named after characters and locations use the same translations found in Japanese guide books of the time.
  • One with the English Kefka's Domain release. This utilized the same tracklist but changed names to use the North American localization.
  • One used on English-language digital releases such as Apple Music. Minor changes were made from the Kefka's Domain tracklist, mainly bringing the titles closer to the Japanese titles. This tracklist was later used in the booklet of Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Revival Disc and its website, which also fixed some typos and grammar.

This list prioritizes the digital English track titles first, with the OSV English titles listed second (when different). Kefka's Domain English titles can be found below.

Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Revival Disc only uses one disc and therefore the track numbers are continuous from 1-61. It has three bonus tracks.

Disc 1 (58:11)[]

  1. Omen / Opening Theme — 4:15
    (予兆, Yochō?)
    The opening theme. A part of it was mixed into the final boss theme. One of the several themes that include a part of the central melody of "Terra's Theme", which plays during Terra's awakening at Arvis's house. The song's beginning has organ music slowly growing louder before synthesized vocals kick in that sing something twice that vaguely sounded like "Kefka", before eventually settling for harp strings playing.
  2. The Mines of Narshe / Colliery Nalsh — 2:48
    (炭坑都市ナルシェ, Tankō Toshi Narushe?)
    The theme of Narshe.
  3. Awakening
    (目覚め, Mezame?) — 1:41
    Plays when Terra has a revelation. Becomes the theme of Mobliz in the World of Ruin after Terra rejoins the party.
  4. Locke's Theme / Lock — 2:01
    (ロックのテーマ, Rokku no Tēma?)
    The theme of Locke Cole.
  5. Battle / Battle Theme — 1:59
    (戦闘, Sentō?)
    The battle theme. It was arranged as a heavy metal mix and included in the Black Mages' first eponymous album.
  6. Victory Fanfare / Fanfare — 0:39
    (勝利のファンファーレ, Shōri no Fanfāre?)
    Plays when the party wins a battle.
  7. Edgar & Sabin's Theme / Edgar & Mash — 2:32
    (エドガー、マッシュのテーマ, Edogā, Masshu no Tēma?)
    The theme of Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro. Plays in Figaro Castle.
  8. Kefka / Cefca — 2:43
    (魔導士ケフカ, Madōshi Kefuka?)
    The theme of Kefka Palazzo.
  9. Mt. Koltz / Mt. Coltz — 2:30
    (霊峰コルツ, Reihō Korutsu?)
    Plays in mountainous locations like Mt. Kolts, Esper Caves, and Mt. Zozo. It also plays in Duncan's Cabin in the World of Ruin.
  10. The Returners / Returners — 2:42
    (反乱分子, Hanran Bunshi?)
    The theme of the Returners. Plays in the Returners' Hideout and in Figaro Castle before defeating the four Tentacles.
  11. Shadow's Theme / Shadow — 1:53
    (シャドウのテーマ, Shadō no Tēma?)
    The theme of Shadow.
  12. Troops March On — 1:56
    (帝国の進軍, Teikoku no Shingun?)
    Plays whenever the party engages the Empire or walks around an Imperial base.
  13. Cyan's Theme / Cayenne — 2:21
    (カイエンのテーマ, Kaien no Tēma?)
    The theme of Cyan Garamonde. Plays in Doma Castle.
  14. The Unforgiven — 1:23
    (許されざる者, Yurusarezaru Mono?)
    Plays during tight situations such as Sabin's battle with Vargas, Siege of Doma, and in the Crumbling House in Tzen.
  15. Phantom Forest / The Mystic Forest — 3:17
    (迷いの森, Mayoi no Mori?)
    Plays in numerous dungeons such as caves.
  16. Phantom Train / Mystery Train — 2:49
    (魔列車, Ma Ressha?)
    The eponymous theme of the location.
  17. The Veldt / Wild West — 2:17
    (獣ヶ原, Kemonogahara?)
    The eponymous theme of the location.
  18. Gau's Theme / Gau — 1:50
    (ガウのテーマ, Gau no Tēma?)
    The theme of Gau.
  19. The Serpent Trench / The Snake Path — 2:06
    (蛇の道, Hebi no Michi?)
    The eponymous theme of the location. It also plays in the Ancient Castle.
  20. Kids Run Through the City / Kids Run Through The City Corner — 2:42
    (街角の子供達, Machikado no Kodomotachi?)
    The theme of most towns in the World of Balance.
  21. Under Martial Law — 2:26
    (戒厳令, Kaigenrei?)
    Plays when Locke sneaks to the occupied South Figaro. It also plays in the towns in the southern continent in the World of Balance such as Albrook, Tzen, and Maranda, and in Nikeah in the World of Ruin.
  22. Celes's Theme / Celes — 2:56
    (セリスのテーマ, Serisu no Tēma?)
    The theme of Celes Chere. It shares the central melody with the "Aria di Mezzo Carattere".
  23. Protect the Espers! / Save Them — 1:57
    (幻獣を守れ!, Genjū o Mamore!?)
    Plays during the Battle for the Frozen Esper, the escape in the Magitek Research Facility, and in battles in the Soul Shrine with the exception of Kaiser Dragon.
  24. The Decisive Battle — 2:01
    (決戦, Kessen?)
    The boss battle theme. It was arranged as a heavy metal mix and included in the Black Mages' first eponymous album.
  25. Metamorphosis — 1:25
    (メタモルフォーゼ, Metamorufōze?)
    Plays during Terra's first, explosive use of her true powers. It also plays during Kefka's raid on Thamasa, and during the cataclysm.

Disc 2 (57:26)[]

  1. Terra's Theme / Tina — 3:50
    (ティナのテーマ, Tina no Tēma?)
    The theme of Terra Branford, as well as the main theme. It is the world map theme of the World of Balance.
  2. Coin of Fate / Coin Song — 3:14
    (運命のコイン, Unmei no Koin?)
    Plays during the flashback scene of Edgar and Sabin. Shares some parts of the central melody of "Edgar and Mash".
  3. Techno de Chocobo — 1:35
    (テクノ・デ・チョコボ, Tekuno de Chokobo?)
    Plays when riding a chocobo.
  4. Forever Rachel — 2:51
    (永遠に、レイチェル, Eien ni, Reicheru?)
    Plays during Locke's flashback scene with Rachel and the subsequent events involving them. Shares the same melody as "Locke's Theme".
  5. Slam Shuffle — 2:20
    (スラム・シャッフル, Suramu Shaffuru?)
    Plays in Zozo.
  6. Spinach Rag — 2:13
    (スピナッチ・ラグ, Supinacchi Ragu?)
    Plays whenever Kappa gives a tutorial, at the entrance of the Opera House, and during an auction in the Auction House in Jidoor.
  7. Overture — 4:46
    (序曲, Jokyoku?)
    The Opera's overture.
  8. Aria di Mezzo Carattere — 3:55
    (アリア, Aria?)
    The Opera theme.
  9. Wedding Waltz ~ Duel / The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel — 4:00
    (婚礼のワルツ~決闘, Konrei no Warutsu ~ Kettō?)
    The Opera act in which Ralse marries Maria. The first part consists of a waltz which is interrupted by Draco's appearance, during which a more dramatic dueling theme plays.
  10. Grand Finale / Grand Finale? — 3:14
    (大団円, Daidan'en?)
    The remaining part of the Opera, up until the Gambler's appearance. Plays during the second battle with Ultros.
  11. Setzer's Theme / Setzer — 1:55
    (セッツァーのテーマ, Settsā no Tēma?)
    Setzer Gabbiani's theme, also the interior theme for both the Blackjack and the Falcon.
  12. Johnny C. Bad
    (ジョニー・C・バッド, Jonī Shī Baddo?) — 2:54
    The theme of the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. The name alludes to the song "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry, as they both sound the same in terms of melody.
  13. The Gestahl Empire / The Empire “Ghastra” — 3:11
    (ガストラ帝国, Gasutora Teikoku?)
    The theme of the Gestahlian Empire. Plays in Vector.
  14. Magitek Research Facility / Devil's Lab — 2:32
    (魔導研究所, Madō Kenkyūjo?, lit. Magic Factory)
    Plays in the Magitek Research Facility. Also known as "Devil's Lab".
  15. The Airship Blackjack / Blackjack — 3:04
    (飛空挺ブラックジャック, Hikūtei Burakkujakku?)
    The theme of the Blackjack.
  16. What? / ?? — 1:07
    (ん?2, N? 2?)
    A comical theme used during the lighter moments.
  17. Mog's Theme / Mog — 1:54
    (モグのテーマ, Mogu no Tēma?)
    The theme of Mog.
  18. Strago's Theme / Stragus — 2:29
    (ストラゴスのテーマ, Sutoragosu no Tēma?)
    The theme of Strago Magus. Plays in Thamasa.
  19. Relm's Theme / Relm — 2:54
    (リルムのテーマ, Rirumu no Tēma?)
    The theme of Relm Arrowny.
  20. Esper World / Another World Of Beasts — 2:37
    (幻獣界, Genjū Kai?)
    The theme of the Esper World. Plays in the Cave to the Sealed Gate and the Phoenix Cave. Also titled "Another World of Beasts".

Disc 3 (1:12:10)[]

  1. Floating Continent / New Continent — 2:27
    (魔大陸, Ma Tairiku?)
    Plays on the Floating Continent and in Kaiser's Lair in Dragon's Den.
  2. Catastrophe — 2:15
    (大破壊, Dai Hakai?)
    Plays when Kefka gains the power of the Warring Triad, and throws the world into chaos.
  3. Battle to the Death / The Fierce Battle — 2:34
    (死闘, Shitō?)
    Plays in tougher boss battles, such as Ultima Weapon, the Warring Triad, Kaiser Dragon, and Omega Weapon. Also known as "The Fierce Battle".
  4. Rest In Peace — 0:29
    (レスト・イン・ピース, Resuto in Pīsu?)
    The Game Over theme.
  5. Dark World — 3:03
    (死界, Shi Kai?)
    The World of Ruin's overworld theme, up until the party finds the Falcon, later the theme of Narshe in the World of Ruin.
  6. From that Day On... / The Day After — 2:14
    (あの日から…, Ano Hi Kara...?)
    The town theme of the World of Ruin. Also known as "The Day After".
  7. Searching for Friends / Searching Friends — 2:56
    (仲間を求めて, Nakama o Motomete?)
    The World of Ruin's main theme after having obtained the Falcon.
  8. Gogo's Theme / Gogo — 2:10
    (ゴゴのテーマ, Gogo no Tēma?)
    The theme of Gogo. Plays in the Zone Eater's Belly.
  9. Epitaph — 2:50
    (墓碑名, Bohi Mei?)
    Plays during Setzer's memories of his lost love, Darill.
  10. The Magic House — 2:32
    (からくり屋敷, Karakuri Yashiki?)
    Jidoor's theme in the World of Ruin. Originally a dungeon theme for Final Fantasy II. The original version can be found on the All Sounds of Final Fantasy I and II soundtrack.
  11. Umaro's Theme / Umaro — 1:54
    (ウーマロのテーマ, Ūmaro no Tēma?)
    The theme of Umaro. Plays in the Yeti's Cave.
  12. The Fanatics / Fanatics — 1:47
    (狂信集団, Kyōshin Shūdan?)
    Plays during the party's ascent on the Cultists' Tower. Also plays during the first half of Kefka's speech to the players prior to the final battle.
  13. Kefka's Tower / Last Dungeon — 2:49
    (邪神の塔, Jashin no Tō?)
    Plays during the party's ascent on Kefka's Tower.
  14. Dancing Mad — 17:35
    (妖星乱舞, Yōsei Ranbu?)
    The final boss theme.
  15. Balance Is Restored / Ending Theme — 21:29
    (蘇る緑, Yomigaeru Midori?)
    The ending theme.
  16. The Prelude — 2:21
    (プレリュード, Pureryūdo?)
    Plays in the title screen.

Kefka's Domain - The complete soundtrack from the Final Fantasy III video game[]

Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version album was released in North America under the name Kefka's Domain - The complete soundtrack from the Final Fantasy III video game. It was originally available through direct order from Square's Redmond office before they closed down. Kefka's Domain is basically the same as the Japanese release, except that song title translations were taken from the translations used in the Original Sound Version Piano Sheet Music book and based on the English release of Final Fantasy VI (which had been released under the name Final Fantasy III).

Track List - Disc 1 (58:11)
# Track Name Duration
1. Opening Theme 4:18
2. The Mines of Narshe 2:51
3. Awakening 1:44
4. Locke 2:03
5. Battle Theme 2:02
6. Fanfare 0:42
7. Edgar & Sabin 2:35
8. Kefka 2:46
9. Mt. Koltz 2:32
10. Returners 2:44
11. Shadow 1:56
12. Troops March On 1:59
13. Cyan 2:24
14. The Unforgiven 1:25
15. The Phantom Forest 3:20
16. Phantom Train 2:49
17. Wild West 2:20
18. Gau 1:53
19. The Serpent Trench 2:09
20. Kids Run Through The City 2:45
21. Under Martial Law 2:28
22. Celes 2:58
23. Save Them! 2:00
24. The Decisive Battle 2:02
25. Metamorphosis 1:26
Track List - Disc 2 (57:18)
# Track Name Duration
1. Terra 3:52
2. Coin Song 3:17
3. Techno de Chocobo 1:37
4. Forever Rachel 2:54
5. Slam Shuffle 2:22
6. Spinach Rag 2:16
7. Overture 4:48
8. Aria de Mezzo Carattere 3:57
9. The Wedding 4:02
10. Grand Finale? 3:16
11. Setzer 1:57
12. Johnny C Bad 2:57
13. The Empire "Gestahl" 3:13
14. Devil's Lab 2:34
15. Blackjack 3:06
16. ?? 1:07
17. Mog 1:57
18. Strago 2:31
19. Relm 2:57
20. Another World of Beasts 2:38
Track List - Disc 3 (1:12:03)
# Track Name Duration
1. New Continent 2:28
2. Catastrophe 2:17
3. The Fierce Battle 2:37
4. Rest in Peace 0:31
5. Dark World 3:06
6. The Day After 2:16
7. Searching for Friends 2:58
8. Gogo 2:12
9. Epitaph 2:52
10. The Magic House 2:34
11. Umaro 1:56
12. Fanatics 1:50
13. Last Dungeon 2:51
14. Dancing Mad 17:39
15. Ending Theme 21:35
16. The Prelude 2:21

Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Revival Disc[]

Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Revival Disc is the complete soundtrack for the SNES version Final Fantasy VI on a blu-ray disc with high-quality audio. It includes the ability to view game visuals with the music. MP3 files are also included on the disc for portable music devices.

Bonus Tracks[]

This release includes 3 bonus mp3s of songs originally available on Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks . They are not included in the Blu-ray tracks with game footage.

  1. Town 2 (Unreleased Track)
    (街2(ゲーム未収録曲), [missing rōmaji]?)
  2. Town 3 (Unreleased Track)
    (街3(ゲーム未収録曲), [missing rōmaji]?)
  3. Troian Beauty (Remake)
    (トロイア国(リメイク), [missing rōmaji]?)

Music samples[]

"Decisive Battle"
"Fierce Battle"
"Dancing Mad"


Sheet music[]

Book cover.

Published by DOREMI Music Publishing, Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version Piano Sheet Music contains solo piano arrangements for the music on the Original Soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI. The arrangements are done by Asako Niwa and the pieces' difficulty level varies from beginner to intermediate.

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