Original Rules are a feature in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy allowing players to customize the battle scenario in various ways.

There are several rulesets built into the game:

  • Official: Calendar bonuses, artifacts and breakable accessories are disabled.
  • Off. (Skill): All equips, accessories and summons are disabled. Also calendar bonuses are disabled.
  • EX-Centric: EX Cores and EX Force grant significantly larger bonuses, and a lone EX Core with no EX Force absorbed can completely fill the EX Gauge. EX Mode lasts much longer. However, Assists cannot be used.
  • AST-Centric: Critical hits are disabled, EX-Mode cannot be accessed without equipment, Stage Bravery is set to 9,999, No Assist Breaks and Assist locks, getting hit by an Assist depletes the EX-Gauge completely, Assist Gauge will not deplete from inactivity, calendar bonuses are disabled.
  • BRV-Centric: The stage Bravery is set to 9,999 and Bravery attacks do increased damage. There is also a higher likelihood for critical hits, and critical hits have an increased multiplier to their damage. Also Wall Rushes do significantly more damage than the Wall Rushing attack.

In addition, Dissidia 012 allows players to create rulesets of their own. The modifiers include, but are not limited to:

  • Banning any (or all) type of Summon, Accessory and Equipment.
  • Disabling any Calender Bonus or Artifact usage.
  • Change the value of Stage Bravery.
  • Change the absorption rate of EX Force and Cores.
  • Change how quickly the Assist Gauge fills.
  • Increase/decrease the critical hit rate/damage.
  • Whether Assist and EX Breaks occur.
  • Duration of EX Revenge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The addition of "Original Rules" in Dissidia 012 allows the player to level grind much more efficiently.
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