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Original Quests are player made quests in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Original Quests allow players to create a maximum of five battles and include dialogue. Different from normal battles, it's possible to set specific conditions for the players to win and lose; for example, it is possible to force the players to use an EX Burst as the finishing move, and if the finishing blow is done without EX Burst, it results in a failure. For another example, it's also possible to make the players lose the battle if they are Wall Rushed, hit by an Assist, get their Bravery broken etc. though only one victory and lose condition can be active at a time.

The creators can choose the background and background music for the dialogue, and can use any Friend Card as the speaker. Each dialogue can have a maximum of 10 effects and dialogue boxes, and each box can have a maximum of 50 characters. The Quest's name itself can have a maximum of 12 characters. Summary of the Quest can have a maximum of 120 characters over 3 lines.

Quest creators can also choose to lock their Quest to prevent players from editing it.


  • The small number of maximum characters is mostly likely a holdover from the Japanese version, as Kanji represent whole words. The game does a line break after 25 characters in dialogue boxes, regardless of it being in middle of the word or not (Kanji don't need spaces).
  • Downloadable music tracks cannot be used for Original Quests.

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