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Original is a group of specially bred fiends from Final Fantasy X. Typically more powerful than Area Conquest and Species Conquest fiends, they easily KO a party that has no trouble with the storyline bosses, and as such can be regarded as superbosses.

Unlike most superbosses, however, they can be fought as often as the player desires, and offer substantial rewards for unlocking them and for defeating them in battle. To unlock the Original monsters certain requirements need to be fulfilled. All Original Creation monsters (excluding Neslug) drop equipment that provides a 6% critical hit chance bonus instead of the usual 3% (this is relevant to weapons and armor pieces, but only to attacks that deal physical damage).

Fiends unlockedEdit

  • Earth Eater - Breed at least 2 fiends in Area Conquest.
  • Greater Sphere - Breed at least 2 fiends in Species Conquest.
  • Catastrophe - Breed at least 6 fiends in Area Conquest.
  • Th'uban - Breed at least 6 monsters in Species Conquest.
  • Neslug - Capture at least 1 of each fiend in all areas throughout Spira.
  • Ultima Buster - Capture 5 of each fiend roaming throughout Spira.
  • Shinryu - Capture at least 2 of each underwater fiend in the Mt. Gagazet cavern.
  • Nemesis - Capture 10 of every (capturable) fiend found in Spira and defeat all other Original Species, Area Conquest and Species Conquest monsters at least once.


The following rewards are given once each Original monster is available to challenge:


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