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A certain kind of metal is always used when making statues of protection. This orichalcum is a curious metal indeed, ever burning with a cold flame. That it appears as a flame, in fact, has led to the belief that orichalcum has no true substance... but combine an incandescent flame with the cool-burning flame of the metal, and the energy given off as a result will be quite real enough to convince even the stubbornest skeptic. This is the power that moves the statues.

Orichalcum (オリハルコン, Oriharukon?) is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. Usually a key item or loot, it is a rare ore like the Mythril and the Adamantite. It is usually used in weapons, such as the Orichalcum Dirk.


Final Fantasy III[]

The Orichalcum is only present in the 3D version as it is used in the Legendary Smith sidequests. It is found in Cid's basement and is used by the Legendary Smith to forge the Ultima Weapon.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The Orihalcon is an item that teaches any GF the Vit +40% ability. It can be obtained from Adamantoises. Ten Vit-J Scrolls also refine into an Orihalcon with Eden's GFAbl Med-RF ability.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Orichalcum (ores, ingots, sheets, chains, etc.) is a relatively expensive ingredient used most commonly by Goldsmithers in the production of a number of powerful weapons and armors (and furnishings). For some time it was notably one of the rarer minerals to mine in the field, making it a rather expensive commodity. The ingots have a number of secondary applications as well, specifically with quest lines involving the upgrading of the Mandau Relic Dagger, Gungnir Relic Polearm, the five Salvage Headgears, and the ninth inventory expansion Quest.

Final Fantasy XII[]

This mysterious metal seems to waver and shine like a flame. Some believe it does not even truly exist, and that it is the mere idea of the metal which lends protection.


Orichalcum is a rare loot that can be sold for 1,777 gil in the Bazaar in order to obtain the Stoneblade and the Masamune. It can be stolen from Vishno and poached from Deidar in the Pharos.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

FFTA2 Orichalcum.PNG

This metal has the strange property of becoming solid only at certain times of day. Smiths call it the phantom metal, and treat it with utmost care.


Orichalcum is a rare loot obtained by completing the missions "The Dig", "Through Another's Eyes", "A Lady's Proposition", "The Cat's Meow", "Goug Nightwatch", and "Yellow Wings in Trouble". It is required in order to create the Orichalcum Dirk, Restorer, Ayvuir Red, Vigilante, and Wygar.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

The Orichalcum is a rare material that is used to create the strongest weapons and armor, including Diamond equipment, Legendary and Ultima weapons, Ragnarok, Longinus, Dreamcatcher, and Force Ring.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

A brass alloy high in zinc created by ancients. Prized as a strong material for military goods.


The Orichalcum appears as a material, and can be dropped from Daedalus, Dark Skeleton, Hammer Goblin (at Rela Cyel), Ice Flan, Lick Prickle, Needle Turtle, Skeleton (only at Valley of Heroes), Spin Spine (at the Crystal Temple), Carniflower (only at Abyssus Forest), Coelacanth (only at Rela Cyel), Dragon (only at Kilanda Islands), Lich, and Scorpion (at Valley of Heroes) on Hard or Very Hard mode, or created for 500 gil by using an Old Hellish Iron and Holy Orb x3 through the Heavenly Ore scroll.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

An ancient zinc and brass alloy. An excellent material for military applications.


Orichalcum is a material that can be created for 230 gil by using a Mythril, Holy Orb, and Yellow Stone.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

FFT4HoL Mythril Icon.png

Orihalcon is found after beating the boss on the 80th floor of any of the four optional towers. It can be turned in to the weapon upgrade shop at Urbeth in order to raise the maximum upgrade level of any equipment. The default maximum is +9, but each Orihalcon turned in grants +10 to the maximum.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts series[]

Orichalcum is an extremely rare ore, found in certain treasure chests, as a rare drop from certain enemies, and as a reward for certain minigames and sidequests. In some games, they can also be purchased from shops. In the first game, they are needed to synthesize the Ultima Weapon.

Kingdom Hearts II and III feature an upgraded form of Orichalcum; Orichalcum+. There are a total of 7 Orichalcum+ in both games and they can only be obtained by completing certain difficult minigames and sidequests. In each game, all seven Orichalcum+ are required to synthesize the Ultima Weapon.

Bravely series[]

The orichalcum is an extremely rare mineral found within the Eisen continent. It is described as being the hardest mineral off all, possibly as hard or harder than diamonds. Current technology in Luxendarc is incapable of processing it any longer than a rough hewn dagger.

Orichalcum is a key item only available after the party asked for the orichalcum Egil when he is staying at the Caldisla inn, with Innkeeper Karl. The party puts the orichalcum in the Grandship Engine Room's 'heart'. The Grandship stops sinking and becomes stable. Ringabel pushes a "glowing button" and Grandship starts to rise from the sea, and is revealed to be an airship.


The word "orichalcum" is derived from the Greek word oreichalkos, meaning "mountain copper" or "mountain metal", and is mentioned in several ancient writings, most notably associated with Atlantis. Orichalcum was said to be second in value only to gold, and was the source of Atlantis' wealth and power. The exact type of metal that Orichalcum was is unknown, but it is commonly thought to be some form of alloy of bronze and/or copper, and other metals.