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The Organyx bug is a bug in Final Fantasy VI that involves the Organyx sword along with the Runic, Bushido, and Jump battle commands. The player will have a higher chance of having Organyx break at low current HP since the lower the HP, the better the chance of Organyx breaking.

The first bug comes from Organyx breaking during a Quetzalli jump, long after the command was chosen. If someone summons Quetzalli and Celes or Gogo uses Runic before or during the summon so that they execute Runic upon landing the Organyx may break from the jump attack; Runic will be used anyway even though there is no longer a weapon to support it.

Another bug involves Quetzalli and the Organyx equipped to either Cyan or Gogo with no other weapon. If a character summons Quetzalli and Cyan or Gogo confirms a Bushido ability to use during or before the summon, and the summoner goes before the Bushido, the Organyx may break when Cyan or Gogo comes down; they will still execute the Bushido ability even though they are now swordless.

The Super Nintendo version has a bug in detecting the attacking hand for the Organyx breakage with the Jump command. If a player puts Organyx in a character's right hand, equipping him/her with the Dragoon Boots but no Dragon Horn, the sword will never break because the Organyx was coded wrongly, and checks the left hand which should hold something else with this setup.

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