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Restores HP.


The Ore is an item in Final Fantasy IX. It is the only jewel that cannot be used as an add-on, but it can be used during battle as a healing item and is needed for various synthesis outcomes and for the friendly monsters sidequest. Amassing Ores in the inventory also affects Odin; the more Ores the player holds, the higher the chance that Zantetsuken will dispatch the foe, but the less damage Gungnir will do. Eiko can manufacture endless Ores with her Jewel spell.


Ores drop from Bandersnatch, Carve Spider, Cave Imp, Clipper, Crawler, Dragonfly, Garuda, Gigan Toad (B), Land Worm, Lizard Man, Malboro, and Shell Dragon (B).

Ores can be stolen from Abomination, Agares, Anemone, Armodullahan, Armstrong, Axe Beak, Bomb, Carve Spider, Cerberus, Core, Clipper, Dendrobium, Feather Circle, Flan, Garuda, Ghost, Gigan Toad (A), Goblin Mage, Grenade, Griffin, Grimlock Red, Hedgehog Pie, Jabberwock, Land Worm, Lamia, Lich (Crystal), Lizard Man, Malboro, Mistodon (A), Mistodon (B), Nymph, Plant Spider, Python, Sand Scorpion, Skeleton, Trick Sparrow, Troll, Type B, Wraith (Blue), Wraith (Red), Yan, Yeti, Zaghnol, Zemzelett, and Zuu.

An Ore is found in Lindblum, in Artist Michael's studio LindblumStudio during the player's first visit to the city. Another is found in Cleyra's town area, hidden among the flowers on the right CleyraTownArea. There is also one in Madain Sari in Eiko Carol's dining room MadainSariRestingRoom.

When the player brings Kupo Nuts to Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto, they sometimes get an Ore for their effort.

Infinite Ores can be excavated in Fossil Roo, and manufactured with Eiko's White Magic spell Jewel that can be used repeatedly. They can also be bought from Mene with 250 Chocobo Hot and Cold points.


The Ore can be used as an item during battle, to restore HP equivalent to the total stock of Ores x4. Jewels are the only healing items that work on Zombiefied/undead targets. It can be a good healing item, but is unaffected by Chemist and cannot be used while in the field.

How many Ores the player holds in the inventory affects Odin's summon damage or effectiveness. Zantetsuken success rate = No. of Ores / 2, whereas Odin's Sword attack power = 145 - No. of Ores. In short, the more Ores the player hoards the better the instant death chance, but lower the damage from Odin's Sword.


The Ore is useful as a healing item, and for making other goods either via synthesis or via the water shrine in Daguerreo: four Ores transforms into an Aquamarine, a superior jewel. Ores can be used in synthesis to make into the other jewels, or into Tin Armor with a Hammer. The other jewels are better than Ore and so it is worthwhile to convert them and then replenish supplies with Eiko's Jewel spell.

Ores are needed for the friendly monsters quest, where the monsters in the earlier areas will request Ores. To appease the Friendly Mu at the earliest, the player needs to procure an Ore before going to Dali, though it can be obtained from the enemies that appear on the world map in this area. Altogether, there are nine friendly monsters and nine Ores are required to appease the first five monsters in the quest; these are likely allusions to the number 9 as per the game being Final Fantasy IX.


An ore is a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including metals that can be economically extracted from the rock. The ores are extracted from the earth through mining; they are then refined (often via smelting) to extract the valuable element, or elements.