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The Order of the Northern Sky, also known as the Hokuten, is an order of knights from Final Fantasy Tactics who serve Duke Larg. This order was led by Barbaneth Beoulve before his son, Dycedarg Beoulve, took over, and later by Zalbaag Beoulve when Dycedarg became Larg's assistant. Ramza Beoulve, Delita Heiral and Argath Thadalfus were also members of the organization.


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The Fifty Year War[]

The Order of the Northern Sky fought in the Fifty Years' War under the leadership of Barbaneth Beoulve within the ranks of the Ivalice Army. Under Barbaneth's leadership, the Order was able to win in places where victory seemed impossible.

Fighting the Corpse Brigade[]

A Hokuten Knight.

The Order's soldiers are the main combatants fighting against the Corpse Brigade and is led by Zalbaag. Ramza and Delita are knights within the Order at this time and at one point rescue Argath Thadalfus from the Corpse members. Argath proceeds to join them and together they rescue Marquis Messam Elmdore, who was kidnapped by the rogue knight, Gustav Margriff. At one point during an assassination attempt on Dycedarg Beoulve, Delita's sister, Tietra Heiral, is kidnapped by the Brigade. Tietra is held captive at Ziekden Fortress where the final battle between the Order of the Northern Sky and the Corpse Brigade is fought.

While Zalbaag, accompanied by Argath, leads an assault at the front of the fortress, Ramza and Delita attempt to rescue Tietra through the back. When the Corpse forces are decimated, a knight by the name of Gragoroth Levigne attempts to use Tietra as leverage by holding her at knife point. Zalbaag, caring little about Tietra's situation, orders Argath to fire arrows at them. Tietra is fatally wounded, and Gragoroth retreats into the fortress. Delita, who had witnessed the event, attacks Argath in a fit of rage. Delita is joined by Ramza and together they defeat Argath, but Gragoroth ignites the explosives stored in the fortress. Although Ramza survives, Tietra and Delita are presumably killed in the explosion.

War of the Lions[]

The Knights of the Northern Sky are once again drawn into war when the War of the Lions breaks out. The Order of the Northern sky is against the Order of the Southern Sky because of the disputes between Larg and Goltanna about who would be the successor to the throne of Ivalice.

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In the original localization the organization was known as the "Hokuten", which means "Northern Sky (or Heaven)".