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The Order of the Crimson Blades and Knights of the Cross, also called the Crimson Blades or just Blades, is a militia in Vagrant Story. It forms part of the Priesthood of St. Iocus and acts on direct orders of Cardinal Batistum, and is lead by Romeo Guildenstern.


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Romeo Guildenstern[]

Guildenstern is the leader of the Crimson Blades, and is using the organization to obtain immortality for himself, and as he claims, for his lover, Lady Samantha. He is a skilled user of the Dark, and his power is equal if not stronger than Sydney's. Guildenstern does not care for the number of men he will have to lose to obtain his ambition, and so his force is almost entirely wiped out.

Lady Samantha[]

Romeo's lover and faithful companion, she has faith in her leader, but is the only one who worries for the large loss in men.

Father Duane[]

A captain of the Crimson Blades, and one of the first to fall. His death by the hands of Ashley Riot causes his brother, Father Grissom, to be driven by revenge.

Father Grissom[]

The brother of Father Duane, and a man desperate for revenge. He is willing to sacrifice his life to aid his personal cause or the cause of the Crimson Blades.

Lady Neesa[]

A loyal knight of the Crimson Blades, she often works with Sir Tieger. Neesa shows little care for the high casualty rate, in contrast to Lady Samantha.

Sir Tieger[]

A knight of the Crimson Blades, he is shown only with Lady Neesa. Tieger gives up his life so that she may live to tell to tale of what had happened in Leá Monde.


A member of the Crimson Blades who, when discovered by Ashley Riot in the Wine Cellar, dies and becomes an undead.

Goodwin and Sackheim[]

Two talkative grunt Blades trapped in the Wine Cellar. As they search for a way out they are stalked and eventually killed by Ashley.

Bejart and Sarjik[]

Two grunt Blades who accompany Duane into the Town Center, where all three are slain by Ashley.

Faendos and Lamkin[]

Two grunt Blades who accompany Grissom into the Snowfly Forest. They both disappear in a quake, and are never seen alive again. Deeper in the forest, Ashley meets two Zombie Knights, presumably Faendos and Lamkin.


The Crimson Blades stand against the Parliament in politics, and against the cult of Müllenkamp in religious matters. Though it claims to be fighting out of religious indignation, the Crimson Blades' real goal is to obtain the power of the Dark, and with it, immortality for the Cardinal.

When Müllenkamp infiltrates the home of the Duke Aldous Byron Bardorba, the Crimson Blades jump at the chance to attack their enemy. Chasing the Müllenkamp leader, Sydney Losstarot, into the evil city of Leá Monde, the Crimson Blades begin a disastrous operation. The city's evil, along with the strength of Sydney and Riskbreaker Ashley Riot, soon sees most of the Blades' strength lost as their entire battalion is killed off. Guildenstern betrays the Cardinal and attempts to take the power of Leá Monde for himself, but Ashley Riot kills him before he can succeed. Of all the Blades sent into Leá Monde, only one, Lady Neesa, survives.

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  • In Final Fantasy X Luzzu claims the Crimson Blades was the name of the first company of soldiers formed by Lord Mi'ihen, and the precursor of the Crusaders. Mi'ihen made a deal with the Yevon clergy that his soldiers would serve Spira's people as guardians against Sin, which was the time when the change of name was agreed upon.