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Ordallia (オルダリーア, Orudarīa?), also known as Ordalia, is a kingdom east of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. The player never actually sets foot in this location.


Prior to the Fifty Years' War, it was ruled by King Devanne III, the nephew to King Denamda II of Ivalice. Ordallia's blood ties to Ivalice did not stop the kingdom from annexing Zelmonia, once an independent state bordering between the two nations. This ultimately led Denamda to claim the Ordallian throne at the death of King Devanne, beginning a war against the latter's chosen heir Varoi VI.

Before the war began, Ordallia enjoyed peaceful relations with Ivalice. The Trade City of Sal Ghidos was once the center of trade between the two kingdoms. Because of the conflict, ties between the kingdoms were severed, and the Trade City declined, eventually deteriorating into a slum.

Ordallia had turned the ancient ruins in the Cursed Isle of Nelveska into a military base. With the war's end, Nelveska was abandoned.

Ivalice relied on powerful warriors such as Barbaneth Beoulve, Messam Elmdore, and Cidolfus Orlandeau to help in the war against Ordallia. The Ordallian capital of Viura nearly fell to Ivalice, until Denamda died during the march. This left the Ivalician army leaderless and confused, saving Viura. Eventually the Ordallians defeated the Ivalician army and reconquered Zelmonia. After prolonging the war to a full fifty years, Prince Lennard, Varoi VI's successor, finally proposed a treaty with Ivalice.