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The Orc King is one of the early bosses of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It rules the Mine of Cathuriges and legion of orcs inside. It dwells in an open area where many shafts converge, jumping down from out of sight, attacking the Tipa Caravan as it approaches the Myrrh Tree.



The Orc King uses multiple attacks which are quick and can cause players to flinch. Despite his size he is rather speedy, able to catch caravanners with ease and attack with little to no warning.

  • Battle-Axe - In one hand, the Orc King wields a mighty axe several times larger than the player. The only warning given that he will swing his axe is a brief stop in movement. The attack is very fast and causes the player to flinch.
  • Mega Hammer - In the other hand, the Orc King furnishes a hammer as oversized as his axe. It will smash the ground after he raises it above his head. Again the attack leaves little time to dodge, but has limited range.
  • Spinning Smack - As with most bosses, the Orc King will wheel around, hitting anyone close by. This means that attacking him from the back, while safe from the previous two attacks, is not an entirely safe approach.
  • Flare - Though his strength and size would suggest the king is a purely physical boss, he happens to be one of the fastest spell casters in the game. He will cast a powerful Fire attack only seconds after a red casting circle appears. Nevertheless, this is the best chance to attack the boss or charge spells.
  • Self-destruct - When the Orc King's HP is reduced to a low enough level, he will stop moving and encircle himself in a large ball of light. When this happens, he is charging a massive explosion which is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. It will affect the entire battle except the farthest corners and can kill most players off even with full HP. The best way to avoid this attack is to remove the Orc King's remaining HP quickly enough. But it also is proven, that defending is possible with just receiving little damage (maybe only possible for Clavats and Yukes).

The Orc King's support monsters are tinier Orcs, as would be expected. They are nuisances that will stall caravanners, often stalling their escape from their king's assault. They act just as the rest of the orcs did in the rest of the dungeon, they can still cause players to flinch, and they still fall easily to well timed attacks and spells.


This battle is all about speed. The boss himself is fast, his support is fast, and if you are not fast you will most likely be knocked out before you can win. If your party is able to, Firaga is rather useful. The spell will help the battle end quickly because of its wide area of effect and their weakness to Fire damage. Blizzaga, while not as effective on the Orc King, will freeze the lesser Orcs, allowing you to maneuver much more easily.

When the self-destruct sequence begins, ignore the smaller orcs and focus solely on the king. Cure everyone fighting beforehand to withstand any attacks they might suffer. If you do not think you will beat him in time, run to the far edge of the area to possibly escape the blast.

Another good strategy is if you play multiplayer and one player is a Yuke, they can run in front of the boss and any henchmen he has, and defend for the whole battle, while everyone else attacks. The boss will constantly attack at the Yuke, and so will his helpers!

Useful Items[]

The Orc King's boss item is the Orc Belt. The caravan must beat the level with 145 or more bonus points on the 3rd cycle. It can be used to craft the Thief's Emblem for Selkies and the Dragon's Heart for Lilties, both of which improve focus attacks.


An orc is a fictional humanoid creature that is part of a fantasy race akin to goblins. While the overall concept of orcs draws on a variety of pre-existing mythology, the main conception of the creatures stems from the fantasy writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, in particular The Lord of the Rings.