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Orbonne Monastery Vaults is an event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on the location of the same name from Final Fantasy Tactics.

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An ancient vault has appeared in the Dimensional Vortex. Inspired by clues to the past they find hidden below, Rain and his crew set off to investigate.

What they came across were records from a faraway place called Ivalice, torn apart by the War of the Lions.

Justice, aspiration, strategy, and deception... The fate of a nation and its proud people, fighting to maintain peace against a torrent of change...


King Mog will exchange various rewards for FFBE Auracite Shard Auracite Shards within the event period. Players could obtain Auracite Shards by defeating the event bosses inside the event dungeon. To unlock the exploration map, players had to clear its respective battle stage before.

The exploration map is shared between all exploration stages but has a higher difficulty as one progresses further until the entire map has opened at the most difficult stage (ELT). Any chest opened will remain open in other stages.


Battle Info[]

Battle in the Vaults - BGN[]

Battle in the Vaults - INT[]

Battle in the Vaults - ADV[]

Battle in the Vaults - PRO[]

Battle in the Vaults - ELT[]

Vault Exploration - BGN[]

Vault Exploration - INT[]

Vault Exploration - ADV[]