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A coin issued to commemorate Lunafreya's ascension as the Oracle. It is a limited-run minting.
—Item description

Oracle Ascension Coins are coins issued to commemorate Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's becoming an Oracle in Final Fantasy XV. The coin displays an Oracle on one side and sylleblossoms on the other with the text "Tenebrae".

The coin Ardyn Izunia gives to the party in Galdin Quay (called "Intricate Coin" in the key items inventory until later), is an Oracle Ascension Coin, and Dino Ghiranze explains that he was handing them out to many people. Further Oracle Ascension Coins can be picked up from around the world and exchanged in Altissia for accessories and other items.



The player can exchange the Oracle Ascension Coins they have collected with Barter at the cafe in Altissia where Justice Monsters Five is also playable (right by Palsino Street Station on the gondola). New items, most of them Auto Parts, were added in patch 1.21, marked with a * in the list below.

Item Coins Description
Megalixir 1 Recovery item: Full HP&MP heal for the entire party
Silver Ore* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Gold Ore* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Prismatic Shard* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Prismatic Ore* 3 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Fire Crest 4 Accessory: Fire Res. +30%
Ice Crest 4 Accessory: Ice Res. +30%
Lightning Crest 4 Accessory: Lightning Res. +30%
Dark Crest 8 Accessory: Dark Res. +30%
Mighty Guard 20 Accessory: Fire/Ice/Lightning/Dark Res. +30%
Stone Wall 30 Accessory: Shot/Fire/Ice Res. +30%
Ribbon 40 Accessory: Prevents all status ailments
Mystic Circlet* 60 Accessory: Magic +250
Purified Salt* 60 Accessory: Spirit +120




  • Fan vent at the side of the Mini-Mart at Hammerhead
  • Tower north of Cotisse Haven; the player needs to jump to the base of the tower
  • Longwythe Rest Area, row of containers behind chainlink fence
  • Balouve Mines, bottom floor where the boss spawns
  • Galdin Quay, on a table on the side of the deck
  • Keycatrich Trench, the room with locked metal doors and an Ice deposit
  • Keycatrich Trench, the dead-end opposite from the first stairs that lead down
  • Prairie Outpost, roof of the brick building across from the weapon van (climb the debris to jump there)
  • Coernix Station - Alstor, small parking lot across the road leading south, between the abandoned cars
  • Cauthess Rest Area, on the roof of the southernmost building
  • Coernix Station - Cauthess, south side has stairs leading below; at the bottom look along the large walls
  • Taelpar Rest Area, next to diner by some logs
  • Lestallum, amid the alleyways of the main town, on some boxes on a cart when heading towards the power plant
  • Burbost Souvenir Emporium, behind orange traffic cones opposite from the gas pumps
  • Greyshire Glacial Grotto, in the area with a Fire deposit and several paths, take the lower path into a central chamber where imps spawn and the coin is along the small alcoves on the left
  • Fociaugh Hollow, next to the Allural Shallot procurement point in a spot where sunlight breaks into the cavern
  • Old Lestallum has a bridge at the west side with stairs in the south-east corner leading to the shore; coin is at the bottom
  • Malmalam Thicket, behind the fire deposit at the haven
  • Cape Caem, behind the lighthouse and inside the lighthouse
  • Steyliff Grove, descending the stairs at the end finds a room with elemental deposits. There is an Oracle Ascension Coin in the east dead-end.
  • Meldacio Hunter HQ, behind the shacks on some canisters
  • Myrlwood, western point of the large area after entering the forest
  • Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, building behind the weapon vendor near a green broom
  • Daurell Caverns, second floor down at the end of the easternmost passage
  • Crestholm Channels has a hallway with a panel at the end where enemies jump out; after dispatching the enemies the player can go down to get the coin
  • Costlemark Tower, near large gold doors roughly three floors down from the first dungeon floor
  • Menace dungeons
  • Getting every treasure from Pitioss Ruins nets over 20 Oracle Ascension Coins


  • Ardyn throws the party an "intricate coin" at Galdin Quay. After delivering the Garnet Stone to Dino, he explains its purpose, and it is added to the player's inventory as an Oracle Ascension Coin.
  • The player can acquire a number of coins by negotiating with Camelia Claustra. How many they get depends on the success of the player's negotiation: the best outcome nets 4 coins.
  • After defeating adamantoise, if the player talks to Dave, he will take the player to the local Crow's Nest Diner where Noctis's acquaintances yield an Oracle Ascension Coin each, totaling to up to 14, depending on how many acquaintances the player has made.



  • Though the coin appears gold-colored in the artwork shown in the book that came with the Collector's Edition, the in-game model of it is a silver coin.

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