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A coin issued to commemorate Lunafreya's ascension as the Oracle. It is a limited-run minting.
—Item description

Oracle Ascension Coins are coins issued to commemorate Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's becoming an Oracle in Final Fantasy XV. The coin displays an Oracle on one side and sylleblossoms on the other with the text "Tenebrae".

Oracle Ascension Coins can be picked up from around the world and exchanged in Altissia for accessories. The coin Ardyn Izunia gives to the party in Galdin Quay (called "Intricate Coin" in the key items inventory) is an Oracle Ascension Coin, and he was handing them out to everybody. Cactuars drop them. The player can also acquire a number of coins by negotiating with Camelia Claustra. After defeating adamantoise, if the player talks to Dave, he will take the player to the local Crow's Nest Diner where several of Noctis's acquaintances yield an Oracle Ascension Coin each, totaling to up to 14. The player can also acquire them from the menace dungeons and via the Timed Quest prize exchange.

Noctis can exchange the Oracle Ascension Coins he has collected with Barter at a cafe where the player can also play Justice Monsters Five. New items, most of them Auto Parts, were added in patch 1.21, marked with a * in the list below.

Item Coins Description
Megalixir 1 Recovery item: Full HP&MP heal for the entire party
Silver Ore* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Gold Ore* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Prismatic Shard* 2 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Prismatic Ore* 3 Auto Part: Ingredient for paint jobs
Fire Crest 4 Accessory: Fire Res. +30%
Ice Crest 4 Accessory: Ice Res. +30%
Lightning Crest 4 Accessory: Lightning Res. +30%
Dark Crest 8 Accessory: Dark Res. +30%
Mighty Guard 20 Accessory: Fire/Ice/Lightning/Dark Res. +30%
Stone Wall 30 Accessory: Shot/Fire/Ice Res. +30%
Ribbon 40 Accessory: Prevents all status ailments
Mystic Circlet* 60 Accessory: Magic +250
Purified Salt* 60 Accessory: Spirit +120


An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel, prophetic predictions, or precognition of the future inspired by the gods.

Ascension is a belief held to be true by multiple religions. Since death is the normal end to an individual's life on Earth and the beginning of the afterlife, entering Heaven without dying first is considered exceptional and usually a sign of God's special recognition of the individual's piety.


  • Though the coin appears gold-colored in the artwork shown in the book that came with the Collector's Edition, the in-game model of it is a silver coin.