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An Opportunity Command (スペシャルコマンド, Supesharu Komando?, lit. Special Command) is a gameplay feature in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Opportunity Commands are actions that become randomly available to any allied character when their turn comes up in battle.

The nature of the command changes depending on the position of the unit with the Command in relation to allies and enemies on the field. If an opportunity command is used, character will say something. What that is is specific to race or storyline character. When an Opportunity Command is available to a unit, that unit cannot open treasure chests or interact with other terrain features. Opportunity Commands also increase the stats of the Knightsword, Sequencer, and the armor, Peytral.

The Luck Clan Privileges can increase the chance of getting an Opportunity turn.

Opportunity Commands List[]

Opportunity Commands are dependent on proximity of a unit to others on the field. They can be support or attack-oriented.

Position Command Effect
No adjacent units Tough as nails! Casts Protect and Shell on user.
One party member, no adjacent enemies Tougher than nails! Casts Reraise on user.
1 adjacent ally Battle shout! Increases Resilience of user and adjacent ally.
2 adjacent allies Fleet of Foot! Casts Hastega on user and adjacent allies.
3 adjacent allies Shield of Steel! Casts Astra on user and adjacent allies.
4 adjacent allies Second Wind! Casts Curaga on user and adjacent allies.
1 adjacent enemy Flurry! Attacks target twice in succession.
2 adjacent enemies Eye for an eye! Attacks both targets.
3 adjacent enemies Frenzy! Attacks all three targets.
4 adjacent enemies Last Stand! Attacks all four targets.

Opportunity Command Quotes[]

Each unique character and generic members of each race have a battle quote before and after performing an opportunity command.

Character Start Quote End Quote
Luso I'm feeling it now. Better stand back! Now we're talking! We've got this one in the bag!
Cid Let's show these pups how it's done! When opportunity knocks, only a fool looks the other way.
Adelle I'm not going down without a fight! Keep going like this and we'll be done before you know it!
Hurdy Kupo-po! I'm gonna give 'em what for! See, I'm good in a fight! Kupo!
Vaan I've been lookin' forward to this! Nothin' to it!
Penelo I'll show 'em a thing or two! We're gonna win this one, I just know it!
Al-Cid There is something in the air... Do you not feel it? The goddess of victory is cold and distant. Perhaps this will kindle in her some warmth.
Montblanc Kupo! Let me show you how it's done! I'm starting to think I may be cut out for this after all! Kupo-po!
Frimelda Now is the time to strike. None will bar my way! The wind blows at our backs. Victory is at hand!
Bangaa Just you leave this to me. Mind the carnage...wouldn't want ya gettin' hurt. Hra ha! This is the way, eh? To victory!
Gria Time to shine. We're in this to win? Then let's win!
Hume My heart pounds in time with the battle. Nothing can stop me! Do you think that helped tip the scales?
Moogle Kupo-po! I'm bristling with moogle moxie. Let me at 'em! Kupo! I can be quite fierce when I put my mind to it, kupo.
Nu Mou I can feel myself coming alive. Harooph! Should it help the clan, I do it gladly.
Seeq Ha ha! Let's see if this ol' seeq still has it in 'im. *snort* Not gonna win this without getting' our hands dirty. Come on then!
Viera The time is right. You have yet to see my true strength! I would sooner emerge the victor. Let us fight to make it so.