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Opo-opo is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

These diminutive monkeys are mainly found in the jungles of Elshimo Island, although one species has managed to migrate to a small island off the coast of Bibiki Bay in the Kolshushu region. While most of these simians have remained wild and can be dangerous to adventurers, some have been domesticated and can be found in Kazham.

Adventurers usually avoid attacking Opo-opos, partly because of their special abilities, and partly because defeated Opo-opos yield little of use for crafters and adventurers. The small stature of the creatures, coupled with their fast movement during combat, causes their remains to be torn and useless after battle. Opo-opos usually only possess items they have been foraging, such as fruits or stones, and their hide is unsuitable for leatherworking. Opo-opos have the ability to heal themselves, dispel beneficial status effects, and are able to blind with their claws.

One of the fruits that can often be found on the carcass of a defeated Opo-opo, and one worth special mention, is pamamas. Opo-opos appear to derive special benefits from this fruit, and adventurers wearing the Opo-opo Crown can replicate this effect.


  • Bubupp
  • Kakapp
  • Kukupp
  • Lalapp
  • Lulupp
  • Mumupp
  • Nenepp
  • Popopp
  • Roropp
  • Tatapp
  • Tebhi

Special abilities[]