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Operation MA Demolition is an exchange event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on the military mission of the same name from Final Fantasy Type-0. Players could obtain White Phantoma and exchange for rewards at King Mog's shop during the claim period.


The four lights of hope -- Orience, the land of crystals, and of the saviors "Agito".

Many a day has passed in that distant world, and it is now Gla. XXII, 842 RG. Having been charged with defeating a new weapon developed by the Milites Empire, Class Zero, the young warriors of the Vermilion Bird, head to the facility where this magitek armor is being produced.

As the fighting breaks out, though they originally saw the Militesi Empire as an invading nation, the warriors against whom they fought battled with stalwart conviction. Class Zero, as wise and powerful as they were, saw themselves being called monsters by these imperial warriors who fought for nothing but their country.

How might Rain and his friends think of these differing ways of life. All that is sure is that they must do all they can to protect this moment in history.



King Mog exchanged various rewards for FFBE White Phantoma.png White Phantoma within the event period. Players could obtain White Phantoma by defeating enemies inside the event dungeon. Having the Type-0 banner units in the party gave a bonus to the amount of White Phantoma earned.

The bonus monsters also give additional currency. In wave two of ADV, PRO and ELT, players could encounter Golden Bombs which drop 250 White Phantoma each. The other bonus enemy is Nimbus who may appear as a rare encounter after the boss in either PRO or ELT dungeons, dropping 2500 White Phantoma when defeated. Players can tell if Nimbus will or will not appear in the level, based on the number of waves (e.g. ELT will display X/6 rather than X/5 as they progress).

Players could steal White Phantoma from most monsters: 1 from Heavy Gunner, 2 from Colossus, and 2 from Lieutenant Colonel Charlot in PRO. In ELT, 2 White Phantoma could be stolen from all non-Imperial Soldiers, including Golden Bomb. In both PRO and ELT, 350 White Phantoma could be stolen from Nimbus.

Featured units[]

For the event, the units that received a bonus were:

  • 5-6★ Queen (+100%)
  • 7★ Queen (+200%) (rerun only)
  • Nine (+75%)
  • Cinque (+50%)
  • Eight (+50%)


Item Limit Cost
Phantasmal Blade 1 10,000 White Phantoma
Vitality Apparatus 1 3,500 White Phantoma
Skull Crusher 1 1,200 White Phantoma
Lightspeed Jab 4 1,000 White Phantoma
Cheerleader 4 1,000 White Phantoma
White Knight 1 4,000 White Phantoma
Gate of Destiny 1 10,000 White Phantoma
Tempered Shield 4 1,200 White Phantoma
Imperial Helm 4 1,200 White Phantoma
MP +15% 1 16,000 White Phantoma
ATK +15% 1 35,000 White Phantoma
Item Limit Cost
Hi-Potion 10 5 White Phantoma
Ether 10 5 White Phantoma
Tent 10 5 White Phantoma
X-Potion 10 20 White Phantoma
Turbo Ether 20 10 White Phantoma
Remedy 10 30 White Phantoma
Metal Gigantuar 100 100 White Phantoma
Elixir 10 100 White Phantoma
Phoenix Down 10 200 White Phantoma
Screamroot 10 150 White Phantoma
Fine Alcryst 10 150 White Phantoma
Star Quartz 4 300 White Phantoma
3 600 White Phantoma
3 900 White Phantoma
Red Megacite Blue Megacite Violet Megacite Orange Megacite Yellow Megacite
30 (each type) 100 White Phantoma
Sacred Crystal 20 150 White Phantoma
4-5★ awakening materials
Bizarre BoxLucky SeedlingBrilliant RayWicked DropFury SeedHard Rock
(each type) 100 White Phantoma
6★ awakening materials
Divine CrystalCalamity WritPrismatic HornCalamity GemRainbow BloomFairies' Writ
25 (each type) 160 White Phantoma
(each type) 540 White Phantoma
Rare Summon Ticket
2 500 White Phantoma
3 1,000 White Phantoma
2 3,000 White Phantoma
3 6,000 White Phantoma
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) 1 30,000 White Phantoma
1 70,000 White Phantoma


Musical themes[]

The event's battle theme for regular enemies is "War: Breaking Through", while the boss theme for Brionac is "War: Howl of the Dreadnought". They are the seventeenth and eighteenth tracks of disc two in the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Original Soundtrack.