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Moogle Attack.

MOOGLE KNIGHTS charge bravely into battle with these mighty attacks.


Onslaught is the skillset of the Moogle Knight in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Moogle Attack Flametongue Weapon range 100
A mighty swing that damages and knocks back the target.
Moogle Guard Kwigon Blade Self 200
Assume a defensive stance until the user's next turn. Raises DEFENSE and RESISTANCE.
Moogle Lance Atomos Blade 3 250
A trademark attack of the moogle knight. Able to strike even distant foes.
Moogle Rush Shadow Blade Weapon range 250
Throws the user's entire body into one powerful attack. Deals heavy damage but has a reduced chance to hit.
Moogle Shield Pearl Blade 4 200
Invoke an age-old ward to keep the target from harm. Renders target immune to next debuff.
Moogle Aid Icebrand Self 300
Enter a state of inner calm, restoring the user's HP and purging debuffs.
Moogle Disarm Paraiba Blade 1 350
Strike a powerful blow, attempting to destroy a piece of the target's equipment.
Ultima Charge Materia Blade Weapon range 990 32
Derived from the most powerful of magicks, this is the ultimate onslaught ability.