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Onrac, also known as Onlak in the PlayStation port, is a town from the original Final Fantasy. It is located on the northwestern island of the archipelago where the game takes place. The Sunken Shrine is found underwater, near the shore.

Story Edit

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The Warriors of Light head to Onrac to find a way to enter the Sunken Shrine and defeat the Kraken, but after finding a submersible barrel, they are stopped by a woman at Onrac's dock. She hints that they must first obtain the Oxyale to travel underwater.

When the Oxyale is brought to her, she reveals herself as the spirit of a Mermaid. Before she passes on and grants access to the "Submarine", she asks the Warriors of Light to defeat the Kraken and free her living brethren from his wrath.

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Shops Edit

Items Edit

Onrac Item Shop

Onrac's item shop.

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
Potion 60 gil N/A
Hi-Potion N/A 150 gil
Ether N/A 150 gil
Antidote 75 gil N/A
Remedy N/A 1,500 gil
Gold Needle 800 gil 500 gil
Tent 250 gil N/A
Cottage 3,000 gil 2,000 gil

Level 7 White Magic Edit

FF1 3DS Onrac Whitemagickshop

Onrac's White Magic shop.

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
NulDeath 45,000 gil 30,000 gil
Healaga 45,000 gil 30,000 gil

Level 7 Black Magic Edit

FF1 3DS Onrac Blackmagickshop

Onrac's Black Magic shop.

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
Saber 45,000 gil 30,000 gil
Blind 45,000 gil 30,000 gil

Enemies Edit

Different enemies appear in the forests surrounding Onrac and the desert to its west.

Music Edit

The Background Music that plays in Onrac is Final Fantasy's "Town" Theme.

Other appearances Edit

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Onrac appears as ruins on the world map, at the Land of Discord. In the Confessions of the Creator scenario, a Teleport Stone can be found near it, and it is the nearest to Feral Chaos's seal.

Onrac features heavily in the game's backstory given in the Reports. At a time of war with other nations, Onrac sought to create a weapon to combat the weapons of their enemies, specifically summoned monsters and Omega. Samples of crystal ore retrieved from a world beyond a portal to the Interdimensional Rift were experimented on, leading to the first manikins, but they are deemed unfit for military use. When the portal to the Rift closed, research stalled, and Onrac hired a researcher from Lufenia named Cid to assist them.

Cid used Lufenian memory rituals to infuse a manikin with memories and give it sentience, creating Chaos. Onrac used Chaos to destroy the summoned monsters and Omega, and when Cid and his wife refused to assist them, Onrac imprisoned them and used a clone of Cid's wife, named Cosmos, to pacify Chaos. Eventually Chaos, Cosmos, and Cid were pulled into the Rift, and Onrac lost their weapon of war.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Onrac is featured as a recurring joke in the webcomic 8-Bit Theater (which is loosely based on Final Fantasy), where it is often described as being "a hole" or similar and is destroyed or greatly damaged several times.
  • If the Warriors of Light choose to speak to an elderly man waiting near Onrac's dock, he will reveal that Onrac once flourished as a kingdom two hundred years ago. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy's interpretation of Onrac as a expanding, belligerent nation may have been an allusion to Onrac's former prosperity.
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