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The Onion Helmet in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Onion equipment (オニオン, Onion?) is a set of gear exclusive to the Onion Knight job. It is the strongest equipment and the set is usually made of a sword, a shield, a helmet, an armor, and gauntlets.

The pieces of this gear may carry status boosts and buffs, as well as debuff protection, though the basic Defense, Attack power, and Magic Defense granted are usually enough to endure even the hardest battles. The only downside of this equipment is that in most appearances, it is very difficult to obtain.


Final Fantasy III[]

The Onion Sword, Shield, Helm, Gauntlets, and Armor make the set. All the pieces are a very rare drop of dragons from the Crystal Tower or, in the 3D versions, in the ??? dungeon with the Iron Giant. All of the dragons may drop all parts of the gear in the NES version, but in the 3D version, Yellow Dragon drops Onion Helms, Red Dragon drops Onion Armors and Green Dragon drops Onion Gauntlets, while Onion Swords and Shields can be dropped by all of them. The Onion Blade is similar to the Onion Sword, only it's slightly weaker and is the Legendary Smith treasure for the Onion Knight.

There is a glitch in the NES version that allows the player to obtain the full set right at the Altar Cave, and allows them to execute the Fully Equipped Onion Knight Strategy (FEOKS) as early as they reach Ur. Due to the design of the equipment index, a single use of the item upgrade glitch will upgrade a Leather Shield, Leather Helmet, Leather Robe or Copper Ring into an Onion Shield, Onion Helmet, Onion Armor or Onion Glove, respectively; the Onion Sword is slightly more difficult to get, requiring 21 upgrades from a Long Sword.

Final Fantasy IV[]

The Onion equipment can be equipped by the final five party members, with the Onion Sword and Shield being exclusive to Kain and Paladin Cecil, and can only be obtained in the 3D remake. The Onion Sword is available by trading it for the Red Tail, and in the same manner the Onion Shield can be acquired by trading the Blue Tail, the Yellow Tail can be traded for the Onion Gloves, the Green Tail can be traded for the Onion Helm, and the Black Tail for the Onion Armor, to the Tail Collector in Adamant Isle Grotto.

Final Fantasy X[]

Lulu's Celestial Weapon is the Onion Knight. It grants Break Damage Limit, One MP Cost, Magic Booster, and Triple Overdrive. The doll bears the sprite of the Final Fantasy III Onion Knight on its shield. To obtain it, the player must search for the coordinates "12, 57" while aboard the Fahrenheit to locate Baaj Temple and dive into the water and swim to the northern doors. Geosgaeno will attack and after it is defeated, the chest containing the Onion Knight is found in the southern part of the area underwater.

The Venus Crest is found in the Farplane after Jyscal Guado has been sent. Upgrading the Onion Knight with the Venus Crest will allow Shiva to break the damage limit.

To obtain the Venus Sigil, the player must go to the Thunder Plains and dodge two hundred consecutive lightning bolts without leaving the area. The player is not told how many bolts they have dodged, and if they miscount and leave the area without dodging enough bolts, their total is reset. It is advised the player thus aims for more than two hundred bolts in case they miscalculate. Once two hundred bolts have been dodged in a row, the chest containing the sigil will appear in front of the Thunder Plains' branch of Rin's Travel Agency.

The Onion Knight does more damage the closer Lulu is to her max MP.

Final Fantasy XI[]

New characters who start the game will be equipped with an "Onion" weapon; e.g. a Warrior will begin with an Onion Sword. They are among the weakest weapons, and should be replaced once the player accumulates some gil. The exception are Monks, who start out with a White Belt.

In the Japanese beta version, new players also started out with two pieces of Onion armor: one for the head and one for the body. These were the Onion Hat, Onion Cap, and Onion Bandana for the head and the Onion Harness, Onion Doublet, Onion Vest, and Onion Tunic for the body.

Unwanted Onion equipment may be taken to Selbina, where a hume man named Romeo will start the quest "Donate to Recycling". This quest involves turning in five pieces of Onion equipment and awards the title "Ecologist" and the furnishing item Wastebasket.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Onion Arrows, Bolts, Shot, and Bombs appear as the weakest ammo of each type and are the default ammunition for Balthier and Fran. Contrary to other ammunition, Onion ammo can be bought in shops.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Onion Knight's Helm is an adornment; it changes visual aspects of a Paradigm Pack monster, but doesn't benefit it in any way. It is a reward from Chocobo Racing by earning the "Undying Cup" title.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Onion Knight's Helm is an adornment. It is obtained as a reward for completing "Adoring Candice" quest.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Onion Helm is a special in-game item for those who bought the collector's edition version. The Onion Armor, Onion Mask, Onion Sarouel, Onion Tassets, Onion Gauntlets and Onion Boots call all be obtained in the raid instance "Labyrinth of the Ancients". This set is made specifically for the Dragoon and Lancer Job/Class.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Onion equipment can only be obtained via Melee and/or Rendezvous in the War of the Lions version. It is by far the strongest equipment, and it makes the wielder virtually unbeatable, but it is also the hardest to obtain.

In the iOS version, since there is no Multiplayer mode, the Onion equipment is available for purchase in the Poacher's Den upon completion of the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Order-made sword of the legendary "Onion Knight."

In-game description of Onion Sword

The Onion Sword is a sword, and it can be equipped by Soldiers, Warriors, and Dragoons. Unlike the other appearances, it is not very strong, and it does not teach any ability, but grants some bonuses to Defense, Magic Defense, and Evasion. It is obtained as a reward for completing the "Newbie Hall" mission, that appears after completing Mission #3 "The Cheetahs".

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

The Onion Sword appears can still be equipped by Soldiers, Warriors, and Dragoons. The new Spellblade job can also equip it, and learns the ability Confusion Blade from it. It is now a moderately strong weapon, and grants the same defensive bonuses as before. It can be bought for 3200 gil. It can also be created in the bazaar for a Gemsteel, an Onion and a Crusader Tonic.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Onion Sword is a Strength-raising artifact that increases Strength by 1. It can be obtained as an artifact set in the Mine of Cathuriges if the player gets over 181 points in the third cycle. It can be found in Veo Lu Sluice, Daemon's Court, Selepation Cave, Mount Kilanda and Rebena Te Ra all in the third cycle.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King[]

The Onion Rod is the only appearance of Onion equipment, and is the second strongest rod. It costs 19,823 gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

Armor that existed within the third final fantasy. For males of all tribes.

Body Armor description

The Onion Helm and Onion Armor are a set that make characters appear as an Onion Knight. Neither can be purchased and must be created with a scroll. The description makes reference to Final Fantasy III, the first game in the series to feature the Onion Knight.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

The Onion Sword is a level 100 exclusive weapon for Onion Knight that grants +68 Attack, Damage +15%, and Major Gambler's Spirit and can be obtained by trading 31,920 gil, Royal Sword, Onion x5, Recovery Orb x5.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Only the Onion Sword returns, and is a level 100 exclusive weapon for Onion Knight, providing +68 Attack, +10% Damage, and the Sneak Attack effect. It can be obtained by trading 182,800 Gil, Royal Sword, Onion, and Youth's Hopes x5.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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