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A quick-witted and clearheaded youth bearing the title of Onion Knight. Chosen by the Crystal to become a warrior, his sole purpose is to put a stop to the wizard Xande and the aftermath of his greed─the Cloud of Darkness. While his over-analytical nature makes him unsure of himself at times, it never clouds his profound sense of righteousness.


The Onion Knight is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 4 of the main storyline.



The Onion Knight's outfit is identical to his appearance in other Dissidia titles, with elements from all incarnations of the Final Fantasy III hero. The color scheme is based on his original NES appearance, while the helmet is based on the PlayStation Portable version. The body armor is closer to Yoshitaka Amano's artwork of the Unnamed Warrior (Amano Warrior II) for the NES release. His two swords are also based on this artwork.


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Summoned into the conflict by Materia, this youth but sage knight is recruited by Mog at the Snowy Peaks of Crudelis. When the party meets the Onion Knight, he initially declines their request to join in favor of pursuing his own observations, having been in the world for a short time already. Nevertheless, he trails the party and admits to being worried for them after they battle some of the monsters in the area.

The Onion Knight joins the party after another battle, admitting that he probably wouldn't be able to survive the infestations of monsters on his own. However, he tells Mog that he's still skeptical of the "will of the light" idea, and is unsure if he'll still be allowed to join by saying so. Although the others give their reasons as protecting their worlds from Torsions or battling longstanding enemies, the Onion Knight's motive is to discover the reason they're there and the truth behind events. Zidane assures him that they're not all heroes fighting for justice; everyone there has their own different reasons to fight.

Later, the Onion Knight questions Terra about her motives because Mog's answers seem "rehearsed," and it seems that the party is blindly following his instructions. Terra explains that she's fighting mainly to stop Kefka, assuring the Onion Knight that she and the others have decided on their own to do this.

When the party encounters the Cloud of Darkness in Imber Manor, the Onion Knight speculates that there may be another imbalance in the forces of Light and Darkness as there was in his own world. He suggests that the presence of their "light" (as Mog deems it) may be causing the imbalance, rather than darkness.

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Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Serpent Sword (III) Serpent Sword (III) 5★ (EX) 70 Equips the EX Ability Blade Torrent.
DFFOO Wightslayer (III) Wightslayer (III) 5★ 35 Increases Multi-Hit's potency, lowers its action delay and makes it grant 2 stacks of Ninja.

Grants Small Max BRV Up and Small Attack Up for 4 turns.

It has an ivory and fuchsia blade with golden details and an ivory hilt.
DFFOO Ancient Sword (III) Ancient Sword (III) 5★ 15 Increases Blizzard Combo's potency and makes it grant 2 stacks of Sage.
Its design is based on its original Final Fantasy III sprite (FFIII NES Ancient Sword), with a jade blade with gold ornaments, jade and golden hilt and gold trident-like crossguard decorated by a emerald jewel at the center of it.
DFFOO Onion Sword (III) Onion Sword (III) 4★ 10 MAX BRV +110
The Onion Knight's signature weapon in the Dissidia series, based on an artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Onion Gauntlets (III) Onion Gauntlets (III) 5★ 90 HP +680 and DEF +84
Based on the Onion Knight's gauntlets in his official appearance.
DFFOO Onion Helm (III) Onion Helm (III) 5★ 35 INT BRV +110 and MAX BRV +220
Based on the Onion Knight's helmet in his Dissidia appearance, from artwork by Amano and redesign by Tetsuya Nomura.
DFFOO Shell Helm (III) Shell Helm (III) 4★ 20 DEF +84
The helm seems made by actual seashells and several fangs and horns with gold details on them. It also looks like a samurai helmet, unlike the original design as a medieval helmet.


Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack BRV, Melee DFFOO Onion Knight BRV Attack
Melee attack.
Steals enemy BRV.
BRV Attack+ BRV, Melee
6-HIT BRV attack.

Requires STR 60 Passive Ability. Condition: while Ninja III is active.

HP Attack HP, Melee DFFOO Onion Knight HP Attack
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
Blizzard Combo BRV, Ice Element, Magic, Buff DFFOO Blizzard Combo
5-hit Ice BRV magic attack
Self: Marginally raises ATK with Sage I
Sage 3 levels MAX (Cannot be used with Ninja)
Blizzard BRV, Ice Element, Magic
1-HIT BRV attack.

Requires STR 55 Passive Ability. Condition: while Sage I/II is active.

Blizzard+ BRV, Ice Element, Magic
5-HIT BRV attack.

Requires STR 55 Passive Ability. Condition: while Sage III is active.

Multi-Hit BRV, Melee, Buff DFFOO Multi-Hit
6-hit Melee BRV Attack
Self: Marginally raises SPD with Ninja I
Ninja 3 levels MAX (Cannot be used with Sage)
High turn rate
Blade Torrent EX Ability, BRV+HP, Melee DFFOO Blade Torrent
6-HIT BRV+HP attack + 6-HIT BRV+HP attack with low action delay.

Grants 3 Ninja stacks (max). Turns into Meteorite if Sage is active. Requires Serpent Sword's passive. Condition: usable when EX gauge is filled.

Meteorite EX Ability, BRV+HP, Magic DFFOO Puchi Meteo
6-HIT AoE BRV + single target HP attack.

BRV hits are dispersed if there is more than one enemy. Grants 3 Sage stacks (max). Turns into Blade Torrent if Ninja or no stance is active. Requires Serpent Sword's passive. Condition: usable when EX gauge is filled.

Passive abilities




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  • Onion Knight's alternate skin has him wielding his EX weapon instead of his primary one in its artwork.
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