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The Onion Knight is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series. He first appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a representative of Final Fantasy III, based on the Onion Knights of the original NES release of the game. Since then he has made many other appearances in spin-off titles as a representative of Final Fantasy III.



The Onion Knight was designed by Tetsuya Nomura and draws elements from multiple sources within Final Fantasy III. He is mostly based on the sprites for the original NES Onion Knight class, with body armor based on various concept art by Yoshitaka Amano for an "unnamed warrior" for Final Fantasy III.

The Onion Knight wears primarily bright red armor with some yellow and orange details, a white cape, and an orange skirt. His helmet has an upturned rim over his forehead and a silver-white crest, and a large white plume segmented into five parts.


I finally got it. I was a fool to defy my heart, just to bind myself to reason. I will protect Terra with my own strength. That's what's most important to me! Don't get me wrong—I still won't fight against anyone I can't beat. But I've decided in my heart to fight. That's why I'm going to beat you!

Onion Knight

The Onion Knight appears to be very intelligent and analytical, usually finding solutions to his problems through logic. He is strong-willed and detests being treated like a child, insisting he is just as strong and heroic as an adult. However, he is secretly afraid of his enemies and prefers not to directly fight them, instead attempting to talk his way out of a fight or finding a way to rationalize backing down. However, when his friends are in danger he will put aside his fears and stand up to anyone to defend them, no matter the threat they pose.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Onion Knight appears as a legendary (5-stars) Triple Triad card.

Onion Knight Card
FFXIV TT Onion Knight.png
Card No. 70
Total stats 27
Type None
Obtain Random drop in the World of Darkness.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

The Onion Knight's first appearance, he is the representative of Final Fantasy III among the warriors of Cosmos, opposing the Cloud of Darkness.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Onion Knight returns as a playable character on the side of Cosmos.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Onion Knight as a playable character now fights for Materia in the war against Spiritus.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

Onion Knight appears as a playable character.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Theatrhythm Onion Knight.png

One of four orphans raised by the village elder of Ur, the village of wind. While exploring a new cave nearby this small village, they are directed by the Crystal of Wind and selected to be warriors for the Light. With hope alive in their breasts, these young souls shall set out from all that is familiar to them in order to fulfill their mission and save the world from its peril.

Online description

Onion Knight is one of 13 default playable characters.

The Onion Knight has a balanced array of abilities to compliment his already high agility, and can be an effective mage along with boosting his strength and luck. However, he is primarily agility based, as the rest of his stats are still low compared to other characters, even when boosted. His abilities are also outclassed by other speed-based characters.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

This young knight's diminutive body holds a great deal of wisdom and bravery, earning him the title of Onion Knight despite his tender age. Though he shows the inexperience of youth, he holds tremendous potential yet...


Onion Knight is a default playable character. If the player did not select him among their party of four, he can later be unlocked by collecting Yellow Shards.

Onion Knight a balance in speed and magic, and gains a few stamina based abilities for field stages. He is outclassed by other characters with similar characteristics who have better abilities. Should the player use him, exercise caution as his agility is the Onion Knight's only saving grace.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[]

Onion Knight's portrait.

Onion Knight is one of 28 default playable characters.

His Limit, Ninjutsu, deals damage to boss-type enemies in direct proportion to Strength and Agility.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

The Onion Knight appears an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. When joining as an ally in battle, the Onion Knight's special ability is Swordshower. In addition, he is featured on certain ability cards based on his attacks seen in both Dissidia games.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards
Attack Images

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Onion Knight FFIII.png

Chosen by the Wind Crystal to become a Warrior of Light when he wandered into the Altar Cave, whereupon he set out from his village on a quest to save the world. Though the Onion Knight's abilities were meager at the outset, he finally gained the power to stand against the source of the world's unrest itself.

Character Profile

The Onion Knight is a playable character who could first be recruited during the Challenge Event Aspiring Knight, wherein he was a First Time Reward for completing the event's Eureka - 7th Level East stage in the Classic Dungeons. He later appeared in Destroyer of Light and Dark.


The Onion Knight is an Onion Knight, whose combat role is Physical/Magic Hybrid.

At first glance, the Onion Knight shares much in common with the game's Core characters, including poor stats across the board, a fact compounded for the worse by an extremely slow progression through the basic leveling system. Worse still, he will be more reliant than most on permanent augments and Record Spheres for his potential power. Thus, until his Easter egg is tripped at level 92, he has little more than nostalgia to make a case for his recruitment. Upon reaching this level, his stats shoot skyward to rival his peers, which also pays homage to the job as it appears in the 2006 remake of Final Fantasy III. His signature abilities are based on his Dissidia Final Fantasy appearances.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 209 11 7 12 7 11 20 20 108
10 637 23 14 24 14 23 20 20 112
20 703 25 16 26 16 25 20 20 113
30 772 27 17 29 17 27 20 20 113
40 846 29 18 31 18 29 20 20 114
50 919 31 20 31 20 31 20 20 115
60 992 34 21 35 21 33 20 20 115
65 1,026 35 22 36 22 34 20 20 116
70 1,059 36 22 37 22 35 20 20 116
80 1,131 38 24 39 24 37 20 20 117
90 1,214 40 25 42 25 40 20 20 118
92 1,247 41 26 43 26 41 20 20 118
93 1,988 63 40 65 40 62 21 21 126
94 2,779 86 54 95 54 85 21 21 134
95 3,570 109 69 113 69 108 22 22 142
96 4,361 133 84 137 84 131 23 23 150
97 5,152 156 99 161 99 155 23 23 158
98 5,943 179 114 185 114 178 24 24 166
99 6,800 205 130 211 130 203 25 25 175
Rank(Max: 5) 4 4 3 5 3 5 3 3 4
Record Spheres

(Note: Onion Knight Motes required to unlock all S.Lv 1 augments)

Job S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Knight +1 DEF +1 ATK +80 HP +1 ATK +2 DEF
Warrior +1 ATK +60 HP +1 DEF +1 ATK +2 ATK
Ranger +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 ATK +50 HP +2 ATK
Black Mage +1 MAG +35 HP +1 RES +2 MAG +3% Black Magic Damage
Red Mage +1 RES +1 MAG +1 MND +50 HP +2 MAG
White Mage +1 MND +35 HP +1 RES +2 MND +3% White Magic Healing
VikingRequires mastery of Knight's Record Sphere.({{{2}}}) +3 ATK +3 ATK +5 DEF +6 ATK Use 5★ Support Abilities
GladiatorRequires mastery of Knight and Warrior's Record Spheres.({{{2}}}) +3 ATK +150 HP +6 ATK +3% Sword Damage Use 5★ Combat Abilities
NinjaRequires mastery of Warrior and Ranger's Record Spheres.({{{2}}}) +3 ATK +120 HP +6 ATK Use 5★ Ninja Abilities Use 5★ Celerity Abilities
MagusRequires mastery of Black Mage's Record Spheres.({{{2}}}) +3 MAG +4 MAG +6 MAG +6% Black Magic Damage Use 5★ Black Magic Abilities
SageRequires mastery of Black Mage, Red Mage, and White Mage's Record Spheres.({{{2}}}) +4 MAG +4 MND +4 MAG +6 MND +6 MAG
DevoutRequires mastery of White Mage's Record Sphere.({{{2}}}) +4 MND +80 HP +6 MND +6% White Magic Healing Use 5★ White Magic Abilities

The Onion Knight can use Black Magic and White Magic spells up to rarity rank 3, as well as the following Physical ability schools up to rarity rank 3: Combat, Support, Celerity, and Ninja. Via Record Spheres, all listed skills can be upgraded to rarity rank 5.

His default Soul Break is Turbo-Hit, which for one Soul Gauge segment deals three physical attacks to one target.

The sword Onion Sword (III) carries the Super Soul Break Onion Slice, which for one Soul Gauge segment deals between eight and eleven physical attacks to one target, also lowering both Defense and Resistance by a large amount.

The bracer Onion Gauntlets (III) carries the Burst Soul Break Vessel of Fate, which for one Soul Gauge segment raises the Attack and Magic of all units in the party while granting them Haste, then places the user in Burst Mode. Upon mastery, the Onion Knight adds 5 points to Attack and 5 points to Magic.

The staff Eternal Staff (III) carries the Super Soul Break Blowback, which for one Soul Gauge segment deals five non-elemental magic attacks to all targets and recovers a portion of the party's HP based on each unit's Max HP. Upon mastery, the Onion Knight gains 10 points of Magic.


The Onion Knight can equip the following weapon types: daggers, swords, katanas, axes, hammers, spears, fists, rods, staves, bows, instruments, whips, thrown, books, and guns.

He can equip the following armor types: shields, hats, helms, light armor, heavy armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.


Final Fantasy World Wide Words[]

FFWWW Onion Knight.jpg
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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Onion Knight DFF.jpg
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Onion Knight appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Wind-, Lightning-, and Light-elemental Forward cards.

Triple Triad[]

321x Onion Knight.png

Onion Knight appears as an opponent and on a Triple Triad card in the version available via the Final Fantasy Portal App. On Easy he uses the rule All Open. On Normal he uses Plus and Swap. On Hard he uses Same and Chaos, and the rare five star card of himself and the Final Fantasy III Warriors of Light cards can be won from him, among others. He uses the trading rule One.

Guest appearances[]

Puzzle & Dragons[]

Promotional artwork.

Onion Knight will appear as an obtainable character during the Final Fantasy collaboration event.

Monster Strike[]

Onion Knight appears as part of the 2018 Final Fantasy collaboration.

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Onion Knight pendant.

In May 2018 Square Enix releases a silver Onion Knight pendant with a yellow gem as part of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary campaign. The reverse side of the pendant simply reads "Final Fantasy" with a carving of a crystal. Onion Knight appears in his Dissidia Final Fantasy appearance, and is released alongside pendants of the other Final Fantasy protagonists.



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The adjective of onion refers to the Japanese metaphoric idiom of poverty, aptly named the "Onion Life", "peeling away one layer at a time and crying all the way". Alternatively, the term could come from the slang phrase "to know one's onions", meaning to be very versatile.

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