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King Ondoria Atkascha III, also known as King Omdoria, is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. While his role affects the whole story, he is an off-screen character and is never seen aside from a portrait of him in the in-game description.


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King Ondoria was named 18th King of Ivalice when his father, Denamda IV suddenly died amid the Ivalice war campaign against Ordallia in the Fifty Years' War. However, the Council saw that he was a weak-minded person to be in charge of the whole kingdom. He is married to Queen Louveria, who eventually becomes in charge of the policies in Ivalice.

His marriage gifted him with two sons; though both died at a young age, possibly assassinated. When the second eldest son died, King Ondoria adopted Princess Ovelia, who is his half-sister due to different mothers, as his daughter and possible heir. Months later, his wife bore a third child, Prince Orinus. This created a conflict in the choosing of future heir to the Ivalice throne.


At the second chapter of the story, where Ovelia was kidnapped, Ondoria has fallen ill during his son's birthday celebration. Even though the Council delivered the news that he was recovering, Ondoria in reality had been inflicted with the Black Death.

He died soon after, leaving Louveria to rule as she wishes. Statesmen and officials of the Council who criticized her policies are ousted, and even the queen mother who openly criticized her actions was banished to Bunahan never to be seen again—rumors persists she was poisoned.

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