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On the Road is a time-limited event where Prompto from Final Fantasy XV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Regular Expectations:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Prompto: I thought I saw it go this way... Come out, come out, chocobo!
  • Prompto: Excuse me! Have you seen a chocobo around here?

(Bartz and Ace arrive)

  • Bartz: A chocobo? No. Is it a friend of yours?
  • Prompto: Nah. I was taking it out for a ride, but I lost sight of it... I guess it went the other way.
  • Ace: Did it really come here? It's not safe with all the monsters roaming about.
  • Prompto: M-monsters!? I better find it quick!
  • Bartz: We'll help you look. I'm sure an extra pair of eyes or two wouldn't hurt.
  • Prompto: Are you sure? We just met...
  • Lightning: Did something happen?

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Bartz: His chocobo ran off, so we volunteered to help him find it.
  • Prompto: Thanks for your help! I'll be on my way once I find it.
  • Lightning: Hold on a second. Chocobo aside, it's impossible to get out of here.
  • Lightning: If he's here alone, that means he probably just arrived. Did you tell him he's in a different world?
  • Cloud: It could be that he's here while his chocobo is still in his home world.
  • Bartz: What!? You mean it might've never arrived? I never thought about that...
  • Prompto: Um... What are you guys talking about? I don't have much experience as a hunter, so I don't quite understand all the details, but...
  • Lion: Sorry about that. You might not believe it, but you're in a different world from the one you live in.
  • Lion: You—and we—were summoned by the gods of this world.
  • Prompto: Um... Well that's, uh... Wait, what? No! You're joking, right?
  • Lightning: I expected as much... But this is no joke.
  • Bartz: Yeah. We're all from different worlds.
  • Prompto: So you're saying I was called here from my home world...by a god? But I'm just an ordinary guy...
  • Cloud: Despite what you think, you were chosen. There's no mistaking that.
  • Lion: One of your friends may be here already. Why don't you come with us?
  • Lightning: Agreed. There's no point in staying here alone.
  • Prompto: O-okay... Lead the way.
  • Cloud: Let's go.

(Everyone leaves, except Bartz, Ace, and Prompto)

  • Ace: It would've been nice if you actually came with a chocobo.
  • Prompto: Huh? Oh, yeah...
  • Prompto: I hope he's alright, wherever he is.
  • Bartz: Chocobos are tough. I'm sure he'll be just fine.
  • Prompto: Haha, you're right. They're cute, but definitely no pushovers!
  • Prompto: Thanks, you two. What's say we chat about chocobos until we get there?
'Cause We're Friends:
  • Prompto: NOOOCT!

(Prompto runs to Noctis as the party gathers)

  • Noct: Prompto!? You're here, too!?
  • Zidane: A friend of yours, Noct?
  • Noct: Yeah. His name is Prompto.
  • Prompto: Whoa! You look great, Noct!
  • Prompto: And here I was shaking in my boots! I can't believe you're doing just fine.
  • Noct: Well I haven't had any problems yet... But if you have any questions about this place, just ask.
  • Auron: I seem to recall someone who sulked at not having friends from home around... Now who was that?
  • Noct: I don't know. You must be imagining things, Auron.
  • Vincent: So you're close friends. It seems to put him at ease.
  • Prompto: I have that effect on people! But I'm happy to see him, too.
  • Kain: If you're a friend of Noct's, you must be quite formidable in battle. Can we count on you in a fight?
  • Noct: Sure can. He'll be fine.
  • Prompto: H-hold on a sec, Noct!
  • Prompto: I mean, I heard what's going on in this world: we were summoned by some gods to fight.
  • Prompto: But isn't it a little suspicious? Why are you helping them?
  • Noct: Because they're counting on me.
  • Prompto: ...That's just like you, isn't it?
  • Prompto: In that case, I can't just run on home, can I?
  • Noct: You couldn't run on home even if you wanted to, so why not lend a hand here?
  • Vincent: If you've got any doubts, it's best to sort those out first.
  • Prompto: N-no, I'm fine! If Noct is going to help, I will too!
  • Zidane: Are you sure?
  • Prompto: Yeah. I want to help Noct.
  • Kain: You're a kind soul, just like Noct.
  • Zidane: But aren't we all the same in wanting to help a friend?
  • Noct: Exactly.
  • Prompto: Hehe. Well, here's to new friends in a new world!
A Reason to Shoot:
  • Jecht: Alright! This is the last one!

(Jecht goes into battle as the rest of the party arrives)

  • Prompto: Wicked cool! I gotta get this shot...!
  • Prompto: Oh, that's right... I don't have it.
  • Maria: What's the matter? Did you lose something?
  • Prompto: No... I was looking for my camera, but I guess I left it back home.
  • Tifa: Your camera? Why now?
  • Prompto: Well, everyone looks so cool when fighting! So I wanted to take a few pictures.

(Jecht arrives)

  • Jecht: I am pretty cool, aren't I? I can't argue with you there.
  • Tifa: But in the middle of a fight? Isn't that dangerous?
  • Irvine: That's how much he loves taking photos! I have a video camera, so I know how much fun it can be.
  • Prompto: You're a video guy, Irvine? Sometimes you just can't control the urge to record something, right?
  • Jecht: Sounds like a sphere. People were crazy about those back home.
  • Cyan: Art thou perhaps talking about machines?
  • Prompto: Sorry! I guess cameras don't really exist in your world...
  • Maria: Are cameras and pictures...fun?
  • Irvine: Cameras can make instant portraits. Some can even record movement.
  • Cyan: That sounds quite convenient. In that case, I had best prepare my finest attire...
  • Prompto: Oh! We're not making portraits! I just wanted to make a record of the fight...
  • Maria: But you can record the moment in your heart. Or is that not enough...?
  • Cyan: Indeed. If thou can record those in thy heart, then there's no need to endanger thyself further.
  • Irvine: It's difficult to explain. I guess the excitement of photography just doesn't come across in words...
  • Prompto: But...if you have a picture, then you can show it to other people!
  • Maria: Why would you do that?
  • Prompto: So the people who weren't there can see what you saw. That way you can share your memories.
  • Maria: That sounds wonderful! If you can make a moving portrait right away, then you can show people things that can't be described in words!
  • Prompto: Exactly! And not just things like a battle, but everyday things, too.
  • Cyan: Everyday things... Such as one's family?
  • Prompto: Yeah, of course! There are loads of people who keep photos of their children!
  • Cyan: I see... I would like to have one of those, too...
  • Prompto: Well, why don't we take pictures of each other home then?
  • Jecht: But you don't have a camera, do you?
  • Prompto: Oh, you're right!
  • Prompto: Guess I'll just have to keep the memories of you folks in my heart!
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