Omnitome in Final Fantasy III (DS).

Omnitome (全ての本 or すべてのほん, Subete no Hon?, lit. All Tome) is a recurring weapon in the series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy III[edit | edit source]

Omnitome is the most powerful book in the 3D remake, providing 130 Attack, +10 Intellect, and +10 Mind. It can be obtained by leveling a Scholar to level 99 and then talking to the Legendary Smith. The weapon can only be equipped by the Scholar class.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit | edit source]

The Omnitome is an Arcanist's Grimoire Arcanist's Grimoire for Summoner Summoners. It is a possible reward from the quest Main Scenario Quest.When Yugiri Met the Fraternity, and can otherwise be purchased with tokens obtained from the repeatable quest Repeatable Duty-related Quest.Primal Focus.



Arcanist's Grimoire
ACN SMN Lv. 50
Item Level 90
Magic Damage: 69 Auto-attack: 47.84 Delay: 3.12
Intelligence +31
Vitality +32
Direct Hit Rate +37
Spell Speed +26
Alchemist Alchemist
Dyeable: No Unique

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every".

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