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Dissidia Cloud Omnislash5

Omnislash Version 5 in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Omnislash Version 5 (超究武神覇斬ver.5, Chōkyū Bushin Hazan ver.5?, lit. Super Extreme Martial God Supreme Slash Version 5) is a recurring ability in the series. It is the upgraded version of Omnislash, used exclusively by Cloud Strife.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

Omnislash Version 5 is used to defeat Sephiroth. The attack utilizes the Fusion Swords. The Limit Break involves Cloud separating his sword into its individual components, and attacking the opponent once with each sword. The attack was called "Omnislash Version 5" as it was the fifth version of the attack designed for the film.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, an extended version of this attack uses thirteen slashes instead of the six. Due to the reasoning for the "Version 5" in the film's original version, the Complete version of the attack is known to fans as "Omnislash Version 6" though it is never stated as such. Earlier in the battle, Cloud also performs his original Omnislash, attacking Sephiroth with multiple sword slashes. However, he was unable to complete its signature final blow, as Sephiroth impales him first.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

This ends here! No hard feelings.
—Cloud Strife

Omnislash Version 5 is Cloud's aerial Bravery to HP attack, chaining from Slashing Blow. It slashes the opponent five times, after which Cloud leaps above the enemy to deliver a final strike that knocks the enemy down and away, possibly dealing Wall Rush. Omnislash Version 5 is learned when Cloud masters Slashing Blow, costs 20 CP to equip when masters, 300 AP to master, produces 165 EX Force, and has a power of 21, plus the power of the two hits from Slashing Blow.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Omnislash Version 5 is a move for Cloud chained from Slashing Blow. It now needs 15 CP to equip, 120 AP to master, produces 36 EX Force, and has a power of 20, plus the two hits from Slashing Blow.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Omnislash ver. 5 is an exclusive reactive ability that costs 18 CP to equip. It is activated in Battle Music Sequences (BMS) when a boss-class enemy appears. It deals damage in direct proportion to Strength and Agility. It is learned by Cloud #2 (level 40).

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Cloud's card depicting his Advent Children render can use Omnislash Ver. 5 for the discard of a Cloud card. The player chooses one Forward and negates all its abilities, then at the end of the turn that Forward is removed from the game.

Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

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Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every".


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