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Another ultimate limit skill.

Final Fantasy Tactics description

Omnislash (超究武神覇斬, Chōkyū Bushin Hazan?, lit. Super Extreme Martial God Supreme Slash) is known as Cloud Strife's signature move and his strongest Limit Break.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is Cloud Strife's Level 4 Limit Break learned from the Omnislash item of the same name. Omnislash is acquired as a reward on the Battle Square, and is available as soon as the player obtains the Tiny Bronco, although it will be cheaper if obtained later with the Highwind. Cloud can learn it once he has learned all of his other Limit Breaks. Omnislash hits random enemies 15 times under the effect of automatic critical hits for 0.75 times normal damage each hit.

Even if the player doesn't learn Omnislash, Cloud will still have it during the final confrontation against Sephiroth. This battle uses a different battle model for Cloud, making Omnislash look slightly different.

Hoshi o Meguru Otome[edit | edit source]

Although not named explicitly, the fifteen-slash technique Cloud used to defeat Sephiroth in the Lifestream is described. Zack comments how it was also one of his techniques.

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is one of Cloud's Limit abilities. Unlike in his other appearances, Omnislash is not Cloud's ultimate move; his Limit Cherry Blossom is even more powerful than Omnislash. Omnislash takes 900 JP to learn and has a range of 3 and speed of 7, but Cloud can only use it if he is equipped with the Materia Blade.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[edit | edit source]

Breaking my limits! This is it.

Cloud Strife

Omnislash is Cloud's EX Burst. The player must rapidly tap Circle to fill up Cloud's Limit Break meter. Filling the meter in time will have Cloud bombard his opponent with fourteen sword slashes, then finishing up with a final powerful overhead slash that hits six times before applying HP damage. Failing to fill the meter will have Cloud perform up to three swings and an upward finishing slash.

Omnislash is the most powerful EX Burst assuming Cloud has full HP when he executes it. Its hits have a combined power of 68, much lower than most EX Bursts, which have powers of approximately 100, but due to Cloud's EX Mode bonus, the damage of each hit is doubled at full HP, resulting in a total power of 136.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

An attack slicing the opponent over and over.

Menu description

Omnislash is Cloud's EX Burst, with identical properties and power to the original game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is an HP attack used by Cloud. When it is not charged, Omnislash hits four times before finishing off with a fifth slash. When fully charged, Omnislash hits the target nine times before dealing HP damage on the tenth hit.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is Cloud's exclusive skill, it is learned at Level 40 and costs 18 CP to equip. During Battle Music Sequences, whenever a boss-type enemy enters Omnislash activates automatically to inflict damage based on Cloud's Strength.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is an exclusive reactive ability that costs 18 CP to equip. It is activated in Battle Music Sequences (BMS) when a boss-class enemy appears. It deals damage in direct proportion to Strength. It is learned by Cloud (level 40).

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[edit | edit source]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Omnislash was performed as the Premium Skill for the Dissidia 012 version of the Cloud memoria. The ability dealt 15 physical attacks to a single enemy, the damage amount was random and based on the enemy's overall health.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is SOLDIER 1st Class's Ultimate which targets a single enemy, has Offensive Power of 1100%, Break of 200%, and 3★ Critical. Whereas Cloud's version is Omnislash ∞. In this version, Cloud wields two Buster Swords while executing his Limit Break.

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World of Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is Cloud's Champion summon ability. It inflicts neutral physical damage to one enemy, ignoring defense. It also grants Strength+ to all allies. It is unlocked after completing chapter 17 and costs 2★ gauges to use. When used "Fight On!" from Final Fantasy VII plays.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[edit | edit source]

One of Cloud's cards, depicting his Dissidia artwork, has Omnislash as an ability. Omnislash requires the discard of a Cloud card, four Light CP, and Dulling Cloud, and allows the player to Break a Forward of their choice.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[edit | edit source]

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is a move for Cloud. It is executed by moving the joystick 360 degrees, pressing high attack + low attack at the same time. The move is notoriously difficult to pull off.

Zack Fair has the move "Unseen Omnislash", which functions exactly the same as Cloud's Omnislash.

Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

Cloud and Sephiroth are able to perform Omnislash when fought in Kingdom Hearts. In Chain of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories, stocking three Cloud cards activates the Omnislash Sleight, calling Cloud to attack enemies several times. In Re:coded, Cloud randomly performs Omnislash in the Coliseum labyrinth both as a boss and a party member. When using Omnislash across the series, Cloud flies about attacking enemies rapidly, the exact number of attacks varying between games; in the first two games, Cloud only performs three slashes in total at a fairly slow pace compared to the contemporary portrayals; Chain of Memories involves a swoop per slash from a higher height, while Re:Chain of Memories is the original version merely sped up with better tracking. In Re:coded, the whole barrage of slashes is sped up and is more akin to the current versions of Omnislash as portrayed, along with the signature finisher.

Zack has an attack similar to Omnislash when fought in Birth by Sleep called "Hero's Pride". Zack extends a dark aura around him, then delivers a series of attacks while dashing from side to side to drive the player's character into the air, then dives down to deliver a final blow and slam them to the ground. Terra, Aqua, Ven are able to use Hero's Pride as a finish command when using Zack's D-Link.

Super Smash Bros.[edit | edit source]

Omnislash is the Final Smash for Cloud. When activated, Cloud rushes forward, and if he makes contact with an opponent, he will launch it with the Buster Sword, then proceed to slash it numerous times. At the end, Cloud performs an overhead strike that brings both him and the target back to the ground, as well as launching the target.

Megadimension Neptunia VII[edit | edit source]

"Omnislice Ver. S" is the ultimate attack of S-Sha.

In other media[edit | edit source]

In Dota 2 by Valve Corporation, a hero unit called Juggernaut has an ultimate ability called "Omnislash". It makes Juggernaut leap near a random target in his vicinity and strike once. Depending on the upgrades obtained, Omnislash grants a minimum of three leaps and a maximum of 17. As in the original Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005), each leap is almost instantaneous and leaves an orange trail.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every".

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