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Omnilex in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

A book said to contain all words in all languages.

Omnilex (マダレムジエン, Madaremujien?), also known as Madlemgen, is a recurring weapon in the series.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Omnilex is the Relic Weapon for Scholar Scholars. The Unfinished Omnilex is acquired and upgraded to the Omnilex in the quest A Relic Reborn (Omnilex) A Relic Reborn (Omnilex). It can then be further upgraded into the Omnilex Zenith.



Scholar's Arm
SCH Lv. 50
Item Level 80
Magic Damage: 66 Auto-attack: 45.76 Delay: 3.12
One of the fabled relic weapons.
Mind +27
Vitality +27
Spell Speed +33
Determination +16
Alchemist Alchemist
Dyeable: No Unique

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Omnilex is the most powerful book, providing 11 Attack and 15% Weapon Defense. It can be bought for 30,000 gil, poached from Great Malboro, caught from a level 95+ Ninja in Midlight's Deep, or from Rendezvous mode.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every".