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Ominous Shadows is a quest in Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 7 Slums. After Cloud Strife returns to Seventh Heaven, Barret Wallace informs Cloud that Avalanche will do the next job without him. While the group have a conversation, Cloud leaves Seventh Heaven, at which point he hears a disturbance nearby.


Ominous Shadows[]

After hearing a disturbance outside Seventh Heaven, the quest commences. Approach the blue marker, where hoodlums are found, to begin a cutscene. Follow the hoodlum to a metal tunnel just left of Seventh Heaven, and crawl through the exit at the end. Before heading through, make sure Cloud has the Healing Materia Healing Materia equipped, as a fight will commence.

Cloud then engages the four hoodlums in combat. These enemies are durable but relatively simple. Magic spells are a great way to defeat them quickly, as it can easily pressure them and knock them out, and the area of effect can damage them when close together. Aside from this, Cloud's Focused Thrust is also helpful for staggering them.

Once all are defeated, head to Cloud's apartment in Stargazer Heights, marked by the waypoint, where Jessie Rasberry is waiting outside. Jessie will offer Cloud the Ifrit Materia Ifrit Materia, commencing the next quest, "The Jessie Job".

The Jessie Job[]

The quest begins as soon as Jessie gives Cloud the materia. Head outside and talk to her once ready. It is possible to purchase equipment first, though aside from armor, there is little to purchase for Cloud at this stage. After talking to her and accepting, the two will be taken to "Motor Chase" in the next chapter, "Mad Dash".

Hard mode tips[]

Though the hoodlums are more durable, Triple Slash can defeat them fairly quickly. Cloud can have Elemental Materia Elemental Materia paired with Fire Materia Fire Materia in his weapon.