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Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII.

Stronger than Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon is the strongest monster. It is bad luck to run into this monster.

Scan description in Final Fantasy VIII.

Omega Weapon (オメガウェポン, Omega Wepon?), is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. Though named similarly to another recurring superboss called Omega, the two are distinct: Omega Weapon is based on a Weapon creature that appears in Final Fantasy VIII, whereas Omega is a war machine that often has interdimensional properties.

Omega Weapon's exact appearance varies, but it is most often a quadrupedal gray and silver entity with blue and yellow details. It is biomechanical, sometimes with gears or other robotic features. In games where they appear alongside each other, Omega Weapon is almost always a palette swap of Ultima Weapon. Often, the player must first defeat Ultima Weapon to challenge Omega Weapon, and the two sometimes fight similarly. Omega Weapon's origins vary, if it has any origin given at all.


Final Fantasy VI[]


Omega Weapon appears in the Dragons' Den after the defeat of Kaiser Dragon. Along with Kaiser it is one of two optional superbosses, but unlike Kaiser there are no rewards for defeating it. It has very high stats and the second highest HP of any enemy in the game. It regenerates when killed, and must be killed three times to defeat it.

Although Omega Weapon only appears in the GBA and mobile/PC versions, an enhanced version of the Ultima Weapon, called Ultima Buster, appears in Kefka's Tower in all versions of the game as an optional boss.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Omega Weapon.

Omega is the ultimate Weapon that, unlike the other Weapons designed to protect the Planet, appears when the Planet is in jeopardy to gather the Lifestream to take it and safeguard it on another world, leaving the old planet to die.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

FF8 Omega Weapon.png

Omega Weapon is an optional superboss, marking its first appearance in the series. In Ultimecia Castle, a vortex appears in the chapel and upon ringing a bell outside the Art Gallery, players are given a time limit to rush to the vortex where Omega Weapon appears and challenge it. With a maximum HP of over a million, Omega Weapon can cause 9,999 damage to a party member with Light Pillar and otherwise do 9,998 damage to the entire party with Megiddo Flame. Defeating it earns the Proof of Omega to show the player has defeated the strongest boss.

Final Fantasy X[]


For the first time, Omega Weapon is given a full backstory. A Yevon monk named Omega was branded a traitor centuries ago, and executed, his spirit still lingering in the Omega Ruins. Omega's hatred for Yevon grew so great that when he died he spawned Ultima Weapon, and his spirit ultimately became Omega Weapon. Omega Weapon's attacks are powerful, but it originally only had 99,999 HP; later versions place it at 999,999 HP.

Final Fantasy X-2[]


Omega Weapon has been downgraded to a regular enemy that can be encountered in the Farplane on the path to Vegnagun, and in Via Infinito. Omega Weapon's greatest attack is Judgement, despite it only dealing little damage.

The enemy known as Almighty Shinra is supposedly Shinra possessed by Omega Weapon as a result of his attempt to replicate Farplane energies, and is a superboss in the International and HD Remaster versions.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Ω Weapon.

Ω Weapon appears with a design similar to its appearance in Final Fantasy VI, while its behavior in battle is based on its counterpart in Final Fantasy VIII.

Ω Weapon can be found in the Gladiators' Hall, a post-game challenge area unlocked after completing the game's story once. The Gladiators' Hall houses three doors, each leading to a different superboss. In addition to Ω Weapon, the player can also challenge the Adamantoise and Gigantuar. Ω Weapon guards a room, similar to the interior of Kuza Castle from Final Fantasy V, which houses the game's most powerful weapons.

Each time Ω Weapon is defeated, the player can select one item from the chamber (there are nine alcoves containing a Heroic Shield and eight legendary weapons, as well as three treasure chests containing Hermes Sandals, a Ribbon and a Megalixir, the treasure chests can be opened an unlimited number of times). Every two times Ω Weapon is defeated, it gains a level, gaining more stats overall, better strategy, and more attacks, becoming a more challenging opponent with each iteration. At its maximum level (level 6 after 10 defeats), Ω Weapon is considered to be the most dangerous opponent.

Ω Weapon fights with many dangerous attacks, many taken from other enemies. It has access to the spells Ultima, Holy, and Meteor. It also has Soul Despair, which reduces all party members' HP to 1, Blaster, and Dispelga, which removes all beneficial magic. It has three unique attacks: Terra Break, a long string of physical attacks aimed at random party members, Omega Break, a single-target physical attack followed by one that hits the entire party, and Light Pillar, a single-target attack that will always do 9999 damage and kill its target.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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Triple Triad[]

171a Omega Weapon.png

Omega Weapon from Final Fantasy VIII appears on a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy Portal App.


Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.

The Weapon-type enemies are usually the strongest beasts within the games they appear, and thus Omega Weapon's name symbolizes it is the strongest Weapon-type enemy among them.