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Omega Mk.II is a superboss in the Advance and 2013 versions of Final Fantasy V, found in the Sealed Temple's Tomb of Memory. The basic difference between Omega and Omega Mk.II is that the latter can change its elemental weakness.

Defeating Omega Mk.II in the 2013 version earns the achievement "Mechanical Warrior II".






Barrier Shift (GBA).

Omega Mk.II changes its elemental weakness as soon as it is hit by it, and has Auto-Reflect. Omega Mk.II is weak against stop. Atomic Ray and Flame Thrower are fire-elemental attacks and thus can be absorbed with the correct equipment. Earthquake is a ground-based attack and will miss on floating targets. Remedy, used as a counter for Rapid Fire, heals Omega fully, unless it is used right after Omega Mk.II has used Search, in which case Omega Mk.II uses Remedy as a counter, not on itself, but on the character it has targeted.

Encircle ejects a character from battle.

  • 1st turn: Atomic Ray (33%) OR Delta Attack (33%) OR Blaster (33%)
  • 2nd turn: Wave Cannon (66%?)
  • 3rd turn: Rainbow Wind (33%) OR Flame Thrower (33%) OR Atomic Ray (33%)
  • 4th turn: Wave Cannon (??%)
  • 5th turn: Delta Attack (33%) OR Blaster (33%) OR Wave Cannon (33%) + Maelstrom (33%) OR Earthquake (33%) OR Rainbow Wind (33%)
  • 6th turn: Search (??%)
  • 7th turn: Target: "Searched" character; Rainbow Wind (33%) OR Flame Thrower (33%) OR Atomic Ray (33%)
  • When hit by a weakness: Wall Change (100%)
  • When hit by Rapid Fire: Remedy (33%) OR Encircle (33%) OR Nothing (33%)
  • When hit by anything else involving direct HP damage: Rocket Punch (66%) OR Mustard Bomb (33%) + Rocket Punch (66%) OR Encircle (33%)

Romeo's Ballad works against this iteration of Omega as well.


Player should treat this fight as if they were facing the regular Omega while avoiding elemental attacks (via the aid of Spellblade) unless the player knows what Omega Mk.II's weakness is. The player can use Flare with Spellblade freely as it is non-elemental magic. Due to the boss's reflect status, the only way to know its weakness is to bounce Libra off a character with reflect. Using the Dragon Kiss Mix item on party members can also render most of Omega Mk.II's counter attacks useless.

A good strategy is to have a team of two Freelancers to attack (one using Longinus and Genji Shield, and the other using Ragnarok and Crystal Shield, both wearing a Ribbon). Both should have Rapid Fire, one with Spellblade, and the other with Sing. The other two party members can be Mimes and act as supports, equipped with shields. One Mime should have Dualcast, White and Blue Magic, and the other have Dualcast, White and Time Magic. All characters should equip a Flame Ring.

Because Omega Mk. II lacks the Heavy flag, it can be easily harmed and killed by moves that would normally check for this, such as Zantetsuken, Banish, and Gravity-based spells. It can also be easily killed by a Mystic Knight attacking its current elemental weakness with a tier 3 elemental spellblade.

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Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.

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