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Omega FFV Artwork

Omega Artwork from Final Fantasy V

The roiling skies let loose a vile beast without a soul: Omega was its name.

Book in Final Fantasy V

Omega (オメガ Omega), or Omega Weapon, is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. Omega is almost always the strongest Weapon-type enemy in the games in which it appears and is often the strongest boss in the game. Since its first appearance in Final Fantasy V, it has appeared in many games in the main series as a powerful enemy.


Final Fantasy V Advance - Omega Weapon

CG render of Omega as seen in Final Fantasy V.

As with many enemies, Omega's appearance throughout the series has varied. Omega most commonly appears as a silver steel robot with a round body and four spider-like legs emerging from the sides. It possesses no head, and the central body is dominated by a large, yellow, pupil-less eye. On other occasions, Omega has simply been a large bio-mechanical entity, silver and blue in coloring, and usually quadrupedal. As mentioned, Omega is the most recurring superboss in the series, often ranking as the most difficult boss in any game in which it appears. It is sometimes related to Ultima Weapon, a weaker version of it, or Shinryu, another recurring superboss.

As with other characters, like Shinryu or Gilgamesh, it is possible that several of the "Omegas" that appear in the series are actually the same entity across several games, traveling between worlds via The Void. According to the Urutan-Yensa Bestiary entry in Final Fantasy XII, Omega Mark XII was created by an inventor for the request of an unknown Patron to defeat some kind of monstrous Wyrm . After giving birth to a brood of Weapons, the original Omega escapes after Farrister and his patron had a falling out. Dissidia Final Fantasy refers to Omega as a powerful machine created by an ancient civilization to destroy another powerful entity, and that it now travels dimensions aiming to complete this objective. Omega Mark XII is also said to be a traveler of the dimensions, and "was a learning, growing entity, almost alive."

All this may suggest that the incarnations of Omega appearing across the series are either the same entity traveling between worlds, or that they are shades of the original Omega, as the Final Fantasy XII information on Omega implies, that were sent out to different worlds by the original Omega that created them. Based on Final Fantasy XII stating that Omega was meant to destroy a powerful Wyrm (or Dragon), and Dissidia stating that Omega was created to destroy a "massive power", it may be that Omega's objective is to destroy Shinryu, a powerful dragon that often appears parallel Omega as another superboss and who also has the power to travel between dimensions.


Final Fantasy

Omega appears in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of the original Final Fantasy. Appearing in Lifespring Grotto, it is one of two bosses that can be fought at the end of the dungeon, the other being Shinryu. It uses a powerful attack called Wave Cannon to hit the entire party and has very high defenses. Upon defeating it, the party wins the Murasame. Its sprite in the Dawn of Souls release is a modified sprite of Omega from Final Fantasy V, while in the 20th Anniversary release, the sprite is of much higher quality.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


Omega appears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as one of the bosses representing Final Fantasy V. It can be found wandering around B14 in the Depths and can be avoided if the player wishes. It can counterattack with its special Omeguard, which reduces all damage it takes to a single digit for the next attack or two. Its normal attacks are powerful, and include its signature Surge Cannon, which can do several thousand damage to the entire party. It drops the fabled Hero's Shield upon defeat.

Final Fantasy V

Omega FF5
Omega FMV

Omega in a FMV

Omega's first appearance in the series, it appears in the Interdimensional Rift wandering a small plateau outside a save point. Omega can be avoided with careful stepping, and is entirely optional. In battle it uses powerful attacks and is very fast, but is vulnerable to Stop - although Stop wears off quickly, this still gives Omega a large weakness. Defeating it earns the party the Omega Badge to show proof of their victory. In the Advance port of the game, the upgraded Omega Mk.II appears in the new Sealed Temple area with six copies of the original Omega roaming nearby.

Final Fantasy VI


Omega Weapon appears in the Advance port of Final Fantasy VI in the Dragons' Den after the defeat of Kaiser Dragon. Along with Kaiser it is one of two optional superbosses, but unlike Kaiser there are no rewards for defeating it. It has very high stats and the highest HP in the game. it also regenerates when killed, and must be killed three times to defeat it. Although Omega Weapon only appears in the Advance remake, an enhanced version of the Ultima Weapon called "Ultima Buster" appears in Kefka's Tower in all versions of the game as an optional boss.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-


Omega Weapon during the ending FMV

Omega appears in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. Unlike other Weapons that were designed to protect the planet, Omega appears when the planet is in jeopardy and it gathers the Lifestream to take it and safeguard it on another world, leaving the old planet to die. It is summoned by Weiss under the control of Hojo in an attempt by Hojo to take control of the planet, and is destroyed by Vincent Valentine.

Final Fantasy VIII

Omega Weapon appears in Final Fantasy VIII as an optional superboss. In Ultimecia Castle, a strange vortex appears in one of the rooms; upon ringing a bell, players are given a short time limit to rush to the vortex where Omega Weapon appears and challenge it. With a maximum HP of over a million, Omega Weapon can cause 9,999 damage to a party member with Light Pillar and otherwise do 9,998 damage to the entire party with Medigo Flame. Defeating it earns the Proof of Omega to show the player has defeated the strongest boss in the game. This game marks the first time Omega was attached to the "Weapon" moniker, though it hasn't always stuck.

Final Fantasy X


For the first time, Omega is given a full backstory. A Yevon monk named Omega was branded a traitor centuries ago, and was banished to a group of islands known in the game as the Omega Ruins. Omega's hatred for Yevon grew so great, when he died he spawned Ultima Weapon and his spirit ultimately became Omega Weapon. Omega Weapon's attacks are very powerful, but it originally only had 99,999 HP; later versions of the game place it at 999,999 HP.

Final Fantasy X-2

Omega Weapon has been downgraded to a regular enemy that can be encountered in The Farplane on the path to Vegnagun and in Via Infinito. Omega Weapon's greatest attack is Judgement, despite the fact it only does little damage to the party. The enemy known as Strongest Shinra is supposedly Shinra possessed by Omega Weapon as a result of his attempt to replicate Farplane energies.

Final Fantasy XI

Omega appears in Final Fantasy XI, more in-line with its original Final Fantasy V appearance than its previous bio-mechanical appearances. It appears in Mission 6-2 and its power increases as it takes damage. It does not turn to attack enemies but merely swats them with the nearest limb. Although it is still very strong, it is comparatively weaker than other incarnations of Omega Weapon, small enough to fit on an airship and only possessing 14,000 HP (although bosses in Final Fantasy XI tend to have little HP - Absolute Virtue only has 70,000 HP). A prototype known as Proto-Omega awaits those at the heart of Apollyon and is much more powerful.

Final Fantasy XII

Omega Mk12

Omega Mark XII

Omega Mark XII appears in Final Fantasy XII. Described as a war-machine with weapons stronger than any modern ones, it is located at the Great Crystal and is only available to fight once the Elite Mark for Yiazmat has been accepted. Defeating it earns the party the Omega Badge, one of the key items needed to acquire the ultimate weapon, the Wyrmhero Blade. Omega originally had 10 million HP in the Japanese release of the game, but was weakened to a mere 1 million for the North American and PAL releases. Despite its HP being surpassed by other superbosses within the game, Omega Mark XII has the highest strength, defense and magic power, as well as being the only Level 99 boss in the entire game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Omega appears in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King as the 50th floor boss in the optional dungeon Infinity Spire. He uses an attack called Wave Cannon that will hit every Adventure that is inside Infinity Spire, even if they are not fighting him. Defeating Omega rewards one of the Adventurers who survived the battle with the Omega Symbol, a level 50 necklace that adds +27 to all stats.

Chocobo series



Omega appears in Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 as an enemy and in Chocobo Tales as one of the five hidden promo cards.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Omega is an entity of massive destructive potential in the anime, Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Long ago, it was split up into various different body parts, which now roam Wonderland hunting for their "brothers". Some parts have crystallized and can be easily captured, while others have become humanoid in shape. The character Clear is a piece of Omega, his heart. Earl Tyrant desires to recombine Omega to use its vast power for his own.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Though Omega appears as a summon, it is also mentioned in the Cosmos Reports. Omega is identified by name as a weapon of destruction used by a nation at war with the nation of the narrator, along with Summoned monsters. According to the reports, Garland destroyed the summons and Omega.

Omega is also the name of a Ghost Card bearing the Final Fantasy V Omega Player Icon. Omega is a Level 100 Exdeath, and has the Purple Gem and Omega Badge to be won through Battlegen, the latter a reference to the item won upon defeating Omega in Final Fantasy V. The quote on the card, "Roiling skies let loose a vile, soulless beast: Omega was its name" is a slight paraphrase of a book in Final Fantasy V that describes Omega and Shinryu.


Omega Weapon's name comes from the last letter of the Greek alphabet, commonly representing the end or limit of something, such as the concept of "alpha and omega". The "weapon" title is taken from the "Weapon" enemies that Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII introduced as ancient, destructive monsters. The Weapon-type enemies are usually the strongest beasts within the games they appear. Thus, Omega Weapon's name symbolizes that is is the strongest Weapon-type enemy among them.


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