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Man forges a weapon to fell the gods: 'Omega'. The weapon knows nothing of compassion—only destruction. [...] Its might knows no equal. The wise dare not cross its path, lest they meet their end.

Omega is an optional superboss in the Insomnia Ruins dungeon exclusive to the Royal Edition expansion and the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. It is a warmech associated with the ancient civilization of Solheim, entering the battle through a portal identical to the platforms in various Solheimian ruins, such as the Costlemark Tower and the Pitioss Ruins. The party calls its appearance "interdimensional nonsense". Through the Ω-Files the player can read about Omega's discovery as an ancient magitek weapon.

Omega pays homage to the boss's previous appearances in the series, being on the same level as the boss in Final Fantasy V and yielding a trophy item, the Omega Badge, when defeated. It being an ancient war machine built to kill gods is also a homage to its origins, but also fits into the story of Solheim.

It is also a superboss in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.


Mechanized weapon of deicidal destruction born of the ancient civilization of Solheim. Constructed during the peak of magiteknological prosperity, this quadrupedal robot long dwelled in the deepest recesses of Taelpar Crag, untouched and inactive. The empire succeeded in recovering and refurbishing the weapon, but were unable to unravel the mysteries behind its mechanical operations. It was only when a certain king was born that Omega's systems went online once more.
Size: 43.70 ft. Weight: 228.53 t



Omega location in FFXVRE

Omega is found where the crosshair is on this map.

Omega appears when the player enters the area where it is fought in the city. It is docile and simply roams around the area, and the player must initiate battle if they wish to fight it.

Omega is perhaps the toughest opponent, mainly due to its unrivaled defense stats and 99% damage resistance to normal weaponry and elemental magic, except Lightning (20% damage resistance) and Light (absorbs). It is immune to Arcana magic from the Ring of Lucii, and heavily resists summons. Omega's powerful attacks (that even the Magitek Exosuit cannot block) can quickly wipe out a max-level party with endgame equipment. Carbuncle cannot be summoned in this battle.

Omega can be attacked on its legs, head, backside, and antenna. The legs break after receiving some damage, and Omega will temporarily fall into a vulnerable state once all four of its legs are broken. To protect its legs, it will sometimes turn around in place to make it harder for the player to attack them. Omega is immobile while vulnerable and dealing enough damage to its head in this state makes it pop out, allowing the player to execute a unique cross chain. Attacking Omega's antenna deals double damage, but focusing on it (or its head and backside to a lesser degree) when not vulnerable will drive it berserk for a limited time. It will indicate that it's about to become berserk by pausing briefly, before summoning a massive force field that renders it invulnerable, and rapidly damages party members caught inside, inflicting Stop to ensnare them. While berserk, after lowering the barrier once a short period of time passes, Omega will charge around the battlefield and attack faster, becoming immune to the royal arms, but losing its 99% resistance to normal weapons.

Omega teleports in FFXVRE

Omega teleports.

Omega's attacks are deadly, consisting of a red laser it shoots out of its antenna in two patterns (a straight line and a frontal-cone zig-zag) that causes Confusion, a very swift melee stomp, a large blue beam it charges and blasts from its frontal cannon that strikes multiple times and completely bypasses Danger states (albeit leaving it briefly vulnerable after), and smoke it exhausts from its back that strikes rapidly and can inflict Stone or Poison. It can briefly disappear before pouncing on the party (which has a very small parry window). After Omega's HP drops below 50%, it will start launching homing missiles that apply a unique incurable immunity-ignoring Vulnerable status to party members, indicated by a red icon, on top of increasing the frequency of its attacks. If anyone is inflicted with Vulnerable, Omega will quickly turn towards them and fire an explosive blast from its frontal cannon that will Down them in one-hit, bypassing Danger status. Despite not being a daemon, Omega's attacks quickly drain max HP.

It drops the Rare Metal accessory when defeated, which gives Noctis a colossal strength boost and allows him to break the damage limit without Armiger Unleashed, but in exchange severely reduces his defense and cuts his maximum HP by 90%. Only one Rare Metal can be in the Inventory.


Electon from FFXV


The Omega's might knew no equal–until today!
—Noctis Lucis Caelum

If the player has completed Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, Ardyn's Ensemble may be a good attire to wear for granting immunity to Omega's laser attacks and also greatly boosting Magic. It may be better to focus on offensive boosts when it comes to gear, as the usefulness of defensive and HP boosts is diminished when Omega does so much damage anyway (the player should instead focus on avoiding taking damage altogether).

Omega's 99% resistance to normal weapons forces the player to use the royal arms, but even this will take a long time due to its staggering Vitality. The Sword of the Father and the Trident of the Oracle excel here due to better DPS and less HP-drain compared to other royal arms. Ignis's Enhancement will further boost Noctis's damage output, as well as Noctis's physical attacks in general.

Powerful Lightning magic, such as Quintcast: Thundaga or Electon, can be used, but they must have very high potency to deal sufficient damage due to Omega's tremendous Spirit and 20% resistance to Lightning.

It is recommended to travel to the past Lucis to set up camp and consume the Scientia-Style Sushi to boost the party's Strength and Magic by 75% and to make all attacks critical. Should Ignis not have this recipe, the Royal Banquet Canape or the Golden Tail Soup are acceptable substitutes.

The player should primarily focus on Omega's legs to break them, but since it is protective of them, the player can also attack its head, backside, and especially its antenna as the latter takes double damage. However, it is best to attack them sparingly, as a continued onslaught on anything but the legs will drive Omega berserk.

Should Omega become berserk, Noctis may switch to regular weapons, as it temporarily becomes immune to royal arms. It is recommended to attack from a range either with warp-strikes or firearms, as Omega constantly melee attacks with increased movement speed. Ignis's Overwhelm technique is also viable due to the party members being invincible during its duration.

Omega's homing missiles are relatively easy to dodge, and it needs to turn towards a Vulnerable target to snipe them, but it turns fast, and the attack has no range limit once the animation begins. At that point, it can be avoided with a well-timed dodge/warp, or by initiating a technique, preferably a long one, such as Royal Guard, since Omega will attempt to snipe the victim multiple times for several seconds.

The Shield of the Just's 80% damage reduction while guarding offers great resistance to Omega's attacks (aside from its OHKO cannon). At 9999 HP, Noctis can even survive an entire blue laser, although it is preferable to simply avoid it. Ardyn's Ensemble attire grants immunity to Omega's lasers, but not Confusion.

The player should break Omega's legs first to make it vulnerable, then activate Armiger and focus on attacking its head to make it pop out for a cross chain that can deal up to 99,999 damage if executed perfectly. Although it will take longer, it would be safer to use the standard Armiger over Armiger Unleashed, as in the latter, Noctis can easily fall in the Danger state, and won't have any chance to initiate the cross chain. The former can also survive OHKO blasts, while the latter cannot phase through them.

The higher damage output of Armiger Unleashed can still be desirable despite the risk of easily falling into the Danger state. It is best to constantly use the finishing combos (particularly the Armiger Vortex and Armiger Onslaught), as they allow Noctis to deal additional damage while making him invulnerable for their duration. Unleashed techniques should be used liberally for the same reason, as Omega absorbs Light-elemental damage from portions of Royal Cleave and Legacy of the Lucii, and Apocalypsis may prove ineffective. Legacy of the Lucii will deal a lot of damage if used while Omega is vulnerable, even if a part of the attack also heals it. Royal Cleave will also briefly stun Omega. Dynastic Stance can be good though it only affects normal Armiger attacks and not the combos. It is best to not mindlessly dodge while in Armiger Unleashed as this may use Holy. Going all out with this method may require abandoning an attempt to cross chain, but can still fell Omega quickly.

An easy (albeit extremely time consuming) way to win is to character-swap to Prompto with The Clever's Talisman equipped (so he has infinite ammo) and position him between buildings so that Omega cannot reach him, then use the Rapidus SMG on Omega's antenna to make it berserk and continue firing on it due to Omega having lost its 99% resistance to firearms. When Omega briefly becomes Vulnerable from cooling itself, it can't be crackshotted.

Musical themesEdit

The second phase of "Omega"

The track played during the battle is simply titled "Omega." Once Omega's HP drops below 50%, a new orchestral arrangement of the Final Fantasy V tracks "Battle 1" and "Lenna's Theme" begins to play. A unique theme plays whenever it is in berserk state.

After defeating Omega, the series's trademark victory fanfare will play.



Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.

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