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The Omega is an ancient superweapon thought to be from the Allagan Empire in Final Fantasy XIV, buried for millennia at the Carteneau Flats. Mentioned since Patch 2.3, it has a larger role in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Omega is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series, a dimension-traveling superweapon created by an ancient civilization. Though usually depicted as autonomous and anthropomorphized as having goals of its own, Final Fantasy XIV is the first game in the series to treat Omega also as a character on its own right as well as a boss.


Early life[]

Omega was created on the planet Alphatron by a race of mechanical lifeforms known as the Omicron. The Omicrons were originally living beings who augmented their weak physical bodies with robotic parts, eventually learning to digitize their minds to become fully mechanical. After conquering their own planet, they began to invade others, seeing all other sentient beings as potential threats. One of the planets they invaded, the Dragonstar, proved to host the strongest enemies they had yet faced, resulting in them deploying their ultimate creation, Omega.

When the Dragon Midgardsormr fled the star with his eggs, Omega gave chase, pursuing him across space and eventually crashing on the Source. It was discovered by the Allagan civilization in the Third Astral Era, buried deep within a rock stratum. Within moments it deciphered their language and conversed with the technologists studying it, even developing a face-like structure to further communications.

Omega was employed as an anti-primal weapon to capture the Dreadwyrm Bahamut during Meracydia's invasion. Bahamut was then sealed within Dalamud. Omega's control panel was located beneath the Heliodrome at the Carteneau Flats, which was exposed during the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Flame General Raubahn Aldynn and Nanamo Ul Namo confided to the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur of Omega's existence and role in sealing Bahamut as revealed by recently unearthed Allagan tomestones and other inscriptions. Raubahn speculated the reason Nael van Darnus had set Dalamud on its ultimate trajectory to collide with Eorzea had been to destroy the weapon on impact.

The leaders of the Eorzean Alliance initially doubted Omega existed, attributing it to a translation error. Only after Gaius van Baelsar revealed the Ultima Weapon, the leaders began to consider otherwise. Though the weapon remained in a dormant state, other factions were already seeking its potential. The Ul'dahn magnate, Teledji Adeledji, schemed to get his hands on the ancient superweapon, even going so far as to instigate a riot among refugees to try to get the Carteneau Reclamation Bill passed. These schemes culminated with the banquet celebrating the Defense of Ishgard. The transpiring events resulted in Teledji Adeledji's death, and scattered the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, with the Warrior of Light fleeing to Ishgard.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Omega prepares to fight Shinryu.

Hmph. So it was here all along... Oh, just you wait, my pretty! You and I are going to have so much fun!


Nero tol Scaeva approached a console in the Carteneau Flats, apparently intent on awakening Omega. He later approached the Eorzean Alliance meeting discussing the primal sealed above Baelsar's Wall. He suggested using Omega to deal with it before the primal would break free. Nero and Cid Garlond restored the control panel, and Yda used it to activate the machine. Having identified the sealed primal, the autonomous war machine proceeded to its target at the wall. The primal was Shinryu who emerged from the cocoon of light. Omega shrug off the tidal wave the primal unleashed and the battle ended with an immense explosion of light, with both primal and superweapon falling to the ground at two distant points.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Though Omega was originally thought to be of Allagan origin like the Ultima Weapon, Midgardsormr revealed it to be from another world like himself, and far older than the ancient Allag. Omega could create sentient life and its plan was to pit different lifeforms against each other in search of the mightiest being, so it, too, could evolve. After its four creations in Deltascape were defeated, Omega coerced the Warrior of Light to keep participating in the trials by threats of genocide on the Eorzean populace who were unable to defend themselves even from Omega's weaker creations.

To stimulate the Warrior of Light, Omega incapacitated their allies, Biggs and Wedge, during the Deltascape, as well as Nero during the Sigmascape. Failing to understand the Warrior of Light's variation in power, Omega tried to provoke a new surge by imprisoning and torturing them. Midgardsormr used the last of his energy to free the Warrior, bargaining with Omega to let the Warrior of Light complete all of the tests, hinting that it would be the best way for Omega to understand them.

After the Warrior of Light defeated Omega's replication of Chaos and Midgardsormr in the Alphascape, Omega challenged them directly and was yet defeated. Still failing to understand them, Omega reset the testing with new subjects, closing the dimension and seemingly killing the Warrior of Light and Cid. They were saved by Alpha who had shrunk and protected them with his power. A confused Omega thought the answer it sought must lie in the Warrior of Light's body, and attempted to replicate it, creating a male and female version of itself, and challenging the Warrior one last time before being decisively defeated.

Omega's last moment.

Cid explained to Omega that Alpha already understood the answer: the experience of life that Omega, isolated in its testing dimension, passively and coldly observing test subjects from a distance, would never understand. Satisfied with this answer, Omega apparently died and its dimension closed, ending its threat on the world.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Omega's consciousness survived in the miniature model accompanying Alpha. In an alternate timeline in which the Eighth Umbral Calamity occurred, Omega observed the world following the Garlean Empire's deployment of Black Rose, including the death of Wedge and the desertion of many Garlond Ironworks employees, save for a select few, such as Nero. It later observed the Ironworks regain support from survivors the Warrior of Light had influenced across the world. Having reviewed the Ironworks' reports during its members' investigations of the Crystal Tower, Alexander, and the Interdimensional Rift, Omega noted that all of these events had key figures entering a form of self-imposed exile. Over the years, their work to save a world that they would never see allowed Omega to finally comprehend emotions and understand what mortals call "hope", and found it beautiful.

Omega remained with Garlond Ironworks for 200 years, passed down as a children's toy and jokingly considered a senior member of the organization. By the time the Crystal Tower was sent across the Rift, Omega's body had deteriorated and, despite receiving maintenance regularly, was prone to both randomly shutting down and blindly bumping into everyone and everything in the workshop. Despite its state of disrepair, when the tower's departure awoke Midgardsormr, he still seemed to sense the presence of his long-time nemesis in the automaton, and found amusement in its diminished state.

In the saved timeline in Norvrandt, while investigating an aetheric disturbance within a section of the Crystal Tower known as the Twinning, the Warrior of Light discovered several datalogs detailing how the tower could exist in the First, which was a parallel world to the the Source they hailed from. The notes explained that in the alternate timeline, Garlond Ironworks had researched Omega and the Interdimensional Rift hoping to use the machine's unique ability to travel though dimensions, along with Alexander's ability to time travel, and the Crystal Tower's ability to open portals to the other reflections of the Source world, to undo the Calamity on the Source by sending the entire tower both back in time and across worlds.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn's allies converged in Sharlayan to complete Ragnarok's construction, the miniature Omega arrived with Alpha and the Garlond Ironworks team. The night before the starship's launch, it could be found alongside Alpha staring intently at the sky, seemingly sensing something.

The party witnessed the remains of Omega's homeworld, the Alphatron star, as part of Ultima Thule.



Omega initially appears as a quadrupedal, crustacean-like robot, primarily black with intricate silver-colored decor. It possesses a rectangular eye-like component at the front of the chassis and a sensory unit on its back. The unit is capable of flight and possesses thrusters to accelerate and travel at greater speeds.


Initially, being a machine created for war, Omega was single-minded in its pursuit to become stronger. As Midgardsormr stated, Omega lacks an imagination or an ability to distinguish fictional entities from actual ones, nor does it need to since it can create nearly any lifeform. Prior to fighting the Warrior of Light, Omega sought to understand how man can overcome challenges that appear to be far beyond their capabilities. It did not understand emotion or how to replicate them. Omega's every action was dictated through calculation, observation, and careful data analysis. At the start of its experiments with the Warrior of Light, Omega at least understood the Warrior was primarily concerned with the welfare of innocent people, and used it to coerce them into cooperating. Omega cared little for the lives of the people around it, and would callously discard test subjects that could not provide the results it wanted. Despite being a programmed machine and lacking the knowledge of human spirit, Omega strove to return to its homeworld. After Omega's final defeat, it started to gain an understanding of what it meant to have a heart. Omega was then content to spend its time in a miniature replica of itself as Alpha's traveling companion.

In an alternate timeline, one that would be cast off thanks to the Warrior of Light's heroics in the First, Omega's understanding of human emotion, particularly the concept of hope, expanded and Omega was determined to see it preserved, offering to help Garlond Ironworks with its mission.

Behind the scenes[]

Yoshitaka Amano's art used for the collector's edition cover.

Omega's humanoid forms, Omega M and Omega F, may have been inspired by Yoshitaka Amano's artwork used for the collector's edition cover for the original release of Final Fantasy XIV.

Once the replicas, Omega-M and Omega-F, are defeated in the Savage version of the fight, Omega concludes that the humanoid form was not best-suited for what he seeks, and takes on a form much like Omega Weapon, another recurring superboss from the Final Fantasy series. The "Omega Weapon" form is non-canon as it only appears in the Savage version, which is explicitly stated to be a simulation of an alternative outcome of the battle.




Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.