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Omega (オメガ, Omega?) is a mysterious lifeform in the world of Levonia and the central antagonist and driving force in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Season Four as it acts through its proxies to plague the world with constant strife.


Omega is a creature of unknown origin said to have arrived from space into Levonia a long time ago. Although there are little to no records of direct encounters with Omega, the creature nonetheless is a constant threat to the world and its inhabitants. Fragments of Omega, known as the Omega Cores (オメガの種子, Omega no shushi?, lit. Seeds of Omega) are parasites that can overtake other lifeforms, such as monsters or humans. Any unfortunate host of an Omega Core is deemed an Omega Spawn (オメガ種, Omega Shu?, lit. Omega Species), driving them into a feral state and vastly increasing the host's power.

Because Omega Spawn are considerably more powerful than normal monsters, they are a dangerous and ever present menace for the population of Levonia. Adding to their lethality is a particular property specific to the Omega organisms; Omega Cores are infectious to the point that wounds inflicted by Omega Spawn carry the realistic possibility of contaminating the victim, and in turn making them Omega Spawn as well, making battle with any Omega Spawn a truly dangerous task that must be taken with utmost care.

Nations across Levonia while opposing Omega, don't work in unison and might have differing agendas altogether, with some being hinted to seek Omega's power. Caledfwich the paramilitary branch of the Republic of Sherna is a notable organization whose main mission is to eliminate Omega and its progeny, generally engaging in damage control, extermination and retrieval of Cores for study. Although highly sophisticated and prepared, even this organization has suffered numerous loses in battle against Omega.

Due to lack of any direct evidence of an encounter with Omega, the creature itself is believed to be a myth despite the danger its spawn pose. Tales of old speak of a legendary warrior known as Snovlinka who was said to be the first person to meet and engage Omega in combat, being the originator of Blood Awakening.

Behind the scenes[]

Although Omega is a recurrent name in the Final Fantasy series for a superboss, usually a machine that travels between worlds, the Brave Exvius iteration of Omega may have been inspired by Jenova, an alien entity who invaded the planet of Gaia in the Final Fantasy VII series. Similarly to Omega, Jenova is an hostile lifeform whose very cells carry infectous and mutagenic properties, increasing the host's power, although being dangerous and capable of turning humans into monsters. Both Omega and Jenova threaten their respective worlds via infection, Omega doing so through its Omega Cores and Omega Spawn, while Jenova did so through "the virus" as spoken of by the Cetra in ancient times, and via geostigma in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.