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Olivier Lesage is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is the son of Sylvestre Lesage and Anabella Rosfield and the paternal half brother of Dion Lesage and maternal half brother to Clive and Joshua Rosfield.


Olivier was born in the year 867, the first legitimate son of Emperor Sylvestre.[2] Since his birth, Anabella envisioned Olivier becoming Emperor of Sanbreque, and possibly Dominant of both Phoenix and Bahamut through his parents' bloodlines. The Phoenix had often been born into Anabella's family, including her secondborn, Joshua, and Sylvestre's firstborn son, Dion, was the Dominant of Bahamut. Unbeknownst to his family, Olivier was Akashic since birth, which made him one of Ultima's thralls[3].

Anabella sought to involve Olivier in affairs of state from a young age, though he expressed boredom with such matters. She pampered the boy excessively, and Olivier was often found resting his head in his mother's lap as she stroked his hair, even as she sat on her throne and carried out official duties. He was always idly playing with a wooden toy soldier.

In 878, Anabella privately negotiated with Hugo Kupka to secure Dhalmekia's withdrawal from the Crystalline Dominion. She publicly credited Olivier with the achievement; the boy had been present, but had taken no part in the proceedings. Nevertheless, on the basis of this accomplishment, Anabella persuaded Sylvestre to install Olivier as Holy Emperor of Sanbreque, while staying on in an advisory capacity as "Emperor Emeritus".

FF16 Ultima Speaks Through Olivier

Ultima speaks through Olivier.

Dion, disgusted by his once-noble father's turn towards tyranny and apathy, staged a coup d'état by calling upon the dragoons, the nation's elite fighting force that was loyal to him. He entered the throne room and denounced Anabella and Olivier, positing that Anabella had poisoned Sylvestre's mind and Olivier was the instrument by which she did so. Olivier petulantly urged Dion to conquer all of Valisthea for him, at which Dion threw a spear at him. Sylvestre stepped into the weapon's path to save his younger son, and was killed. As most of those present fled in a panic, Olivier's manner changed; he dropped his toy soldier and coldly stated that he always intended for Sylvestre to die for him. He gloated that Dion finally "broke", and urged him to test the strength of "Mythos", Ultima's name for Clive Rosfield. Dion succumbed to madness; he primed and unleashed destruction on the city of Twinside.

During Bahamut's rampage, Anabella and Olivier took refuge in a bedroom, where they were discovered by Clive and Jill, and soon after Joshua. Anabella ranted about Clive's and Joshua's shortcomings that had led her to conceive Olivier. Clive and Joshua combined their Eikons into a new entity, Ifrit Risen, and defeated Bahamut. Dion reverted to human form and fell from the sky; the Phoenix plucked him from the air and brought him to the ruined bedroom where Anabella was sheltering with Olivier. Barely conscious, Dion looked at Olivier and saw Ultima. Declaring that he was avenging his father, Dion again threw a spear at Olivier, this time killing him. Olivier's body dissolved into dark dust-like particles, revealing his Akashic nature. Dion spoke to a vision of Sylvestre, saying that he had rid their family of a "demon". Mad with grief, Anabella denounced Joshua as a "shadow" and killed herself by cutting her own throat.



Olivier seems to be adolescent boy, older than what Joshua appeared to be in the prologue.

He is a young person with blonde hair, using high quality costumes, mainly in light colors, such as light blue. When revealing his true nature as one of Ultima's thralls, his eyes glowed bright blue.


Olivier seems to be a boy with a close relationship with his mother, Anabella, as he is seen usually on his mother's lap, Anabella stroking his hair. However, his Inner Voice lacking any information relating to her implies the close relationship is one-sided at best. Emperor Sylvestre appears devoted to Olivier as well, but Ultima under Olivier's guise implies using him as a mere human shield. Olivier's relationship with Dion seemingly ended when Dion attempted a coup d'état against his father when Sylvestre, convinced by Anabella's manipulations, made Olivier his heir to Sanbreque's throne. Olivier gave the impression of being submissive to his parents, refusing to address his subjects unless they were physically nearby. He was petulant, as evidenced by demanding for Dion to "conquer all of Valisthea" for him (though it is implied Olivier, or rather, his true nature as Ultima, deliberately acted petulant to bait Dion into attacking as part of his plan).

As Olivier was Akashic since birth, it is unknown what exactly was his personality, if any.


Lesage means "the wise" in French.

Olivier is a French first name used by several representatives of the Catholic Church, including two saints. In the French version, he's named Octavien, which was the original name of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.


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