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A priest-like figure from the Dragon's Village who offers his counsel to many. Olif is the oldest amongst his comrades, and a kind soul who makes use of green magic in battle. Duke, Mystea, and Charie often give him a hard time, but he considers this to be part of the fun of being in the group.

In-game description

Father Olif is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. An inhabitant of Dragon's Village and a Green Mage, Olif is part of an ancient family tradition that has kept the seal on an evil dragon in check, and works to that end alongside his friends Duke, Mystea and Charie.



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Olif is a kind soul, counseling those who come to him for advice, and is quite thoughtful, making sure to never act in haste. He is also protective of his friends, always quietly watching over them. Although usually kind in nature, rumor has it that no one is safe from his wrath once he loses his temper. He does have a playful side though: as seen when he joins Charie and Mystea in their teasing of Duke.


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An inhabitant of Dragon's Village, Olif was born into one of the families that guard the seal on a dragon that terrorized Paladia. He learned the arts of green magic in order to protect and support his peers, the dragoon sealer Duke, the barrier mage Mystea and the dancer Charie, who are younger than he is. Being the oldest in the group, he is the unofficial guardian of his group, watching over them. A young Duke asked Olif countless times about how the first dragoon fulfilled his duty: he did so by sacrificing his life.

In his adulthood Olif became a priest for the village, offering his counsel to many including his friends. Like the rest of the inhabitants, he belongs to the Resistance, opposing the Aldore Emperor's dictatorial rule, although he doesn't seem to go outside much.

Olif appears in "Where Destinies Intersect", wherein he is seen talking with Charie, who wants to go look for the dragonscale flower, in the event that someone gets sick with high fevers. Olif worries about her going out on her own, but she promises to only use the safe paths. He relents and allows her to go, telling her to be careful and not to go following after strangers. When Charie fails to return in time, Olif and Duke wait for her at the village along with the foreigners Lexa and Merald. When Charie returns escorted by Elbis and Nichol, the stewardesses enquire Olif about the ruins east of the village.

In "Fate of the Dragoon", Olif and Mystea are at the village when they see a large shadow flying in the sky, and recognize it as the dragon no longer being sealed. They go meet with Duke, who vows to the villagers that he will re-seal the dragon into mountain as it is his life's purpose. When the villagers leave, Olif asks Duke about Charie's whereabouts, and the dragoon says they lost sight of each other during battle. Duke's preoccupation is evident to Olif and Mystea. They set out right away to seal the dragon.

Olif notices the monsters to be more active, a consequence of the evil dragon's power. When Duke practically runs ahead due to being anxious, Olif and Mystea reflect on his desire to be like the first dragoon and possibly give his own life to perform the seal. When they catch up with Duke, Olif warns him that even a dragoon as him will find himself in trouble in that area, while Mystea chastises the dragoon for his lack of self-preservation. They both tell Duke that they as mages, and Charie as a dancer, are to support and protect him so he shouldn't be throwing his life away. Olif is more understanding of Duke's stubborn side, but reminds Duke not to forget about their feelings and that they will always remain by his side.

They finally meet with Charie, but they must fend off attacking monsters. They then meet a vision of the legendary dragon sealer Ryunan, who had been guiding Duke along not to make the mistake of fighting, and dying, alone like he had had so long ago. Olif promises Ryunan to do everything in their power to support and assist Duke. Ryunan thanks them before departing and asks them to retrieve Northern Lights. At the marshlands, they manage to re-seal the Evil Drake and retrieve the spear, which they later return to their ancestors' graves back at the village.

Sometime later, the quartet undertake a cleanup operation at the Vesta Ruins, where a den of monsters has gone berserk—likely an effect of the dragon's resurrection. As the dragon's influence should have waned due to the seal, they suspect that someone unknown is interfering with its power and decide to investigate some more. They defeat the fairy responsible (which Olif suspects to be a relic of Hess from the great war 700 years ago) and return to the village.

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Olif appears as a 4-6★ summonable unit. His role is to support the party as a Green Mage, mostly focusing on casting high-tier Green Magic spells that protect against most elements (Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Earth). Regarding weapons, he can equip staves, rods, hammers and maces. As for armor, he can equip light shields, hats, clothes, robes, along with accessories.



Oliphant or Olyphant is a surname that was established in England and Scotland by a family of Norman origin. The early forms Olifard and Oliphard (likely "olif" conjoined with the intensive suffix "-ard") are believed to allude to an olive branch.