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Oho! Greetings, softshell. So, how many of those flyers didja find?

Old Snapper

Old Snapper is a minor supporting character in the Episode INTERmission DLC introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. He is the owner of a Happy Turtle bar in the Sector 7 slums who convinces Yuffie Kisaragi to collect six business flyers around town for a prize. He also sells goods in exchange for Condor Coins, earned from playing Fort Condor.


Old Snapper hails from Wutai. At some point, he traveled to Midgar and established a Happy Turtle bar in the Sector 7 slums.[1]

Old Snapper tells Yuffie about the Happy Turtle Ad Campaign.

In "Wutai's Finest", Old Snapper was dancing with a sign and humming Happy Turtle jingles outside his establishment. He persuaded Yuffie to collect six fabulous business flyers for a prize and she gleefully accepted, commencing "The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign". He was also interested in Condor Coins and encouraged Yuffie bring them to him in exchange for items. Old Snapper felt disheartened that people had negative feelings toward Wutai, blamed the reactor bombings for magnifying such hatred, and lamented his lack of business.[2]

Yuffie returned to an overjoyed Old Snapper with the six flyers who gifted her a magnify materia. He cheered for Yuffie, called her the Happy Turtle's "all-conquering champion", and was given a Da-chao bean for being a "tough nut". Thrilled to learn that Yuffie was a real ninja from Wutai, he expressed that he'd love to have her around the bar, but understood her hands were full. Old Snapper added that he couldn't serve her due to being underaged, but that he wasn't leaving Midgar anytime soon, encouraging her to return when she was older so he could serve her the "finest food this side of Wutai".[1]

Old Snapper's fate following the destruction of Sector 7 is unknown as he wasn't seen among the crowd at the train station.



Old Snapper is an older heavyset man with tan skin, short and slicked black hair, and gray-blue eyes behind a pair of bronze glasses. He wears a green tortoiseshell-patterned shitagi with red trim and large black sleeves, black silk pants, and geta sandals. He wears a turtle shell on his back and a white apron.


Old Snapper is a jovial, quirky, enthusiastic, and all around warm individual. He embraces his Wutaian heritage as shown in his attire and business, and incorporates turtle terminology into his speech, like when he calls Yuffie a "softshell".[1] Despite his happy demeanor, he feels sad that Midgardians view Wutai in a negative light and therefore doesn't get much business because of their post-war feelings. He is delighted to meet Yuffie and is amazed she's a real ninja, wishing she could spend time around his Happy Turtle. He has a passion for coin collecting.[1][2]


The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign[]

The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign discovery quest alludes to the Turtle's Paradise sidequest in the original Final Fantasy VII, in which players needed to read six flyers around the world advertising the Turtle's Paradise bar in Wutai Village. There are six flyers around the Sector 7 Slums, each indicated with a Happy Turtle Jingle jukebox playing nearby. After finding them all, the Old Snapper will grant Yuffie the Magnify Materia Magnify Materia.

Condor Coin Shop[]

Old Snapper sells goods in exchange for Condor Coins, key items won off Fort Condor matches. Some of the Fort Condor pieces and boards can only be obtained from him. Some boards are won off challengers as part of the "Mastering Fort Condor" quest, but which ones the player gets depends on the order they win against the opponents and rank up; the boards the player didn't get, are sold in Old Snapper's Condor Coin Shop. The consumable item goods are only useful in classic/easy/normal mode, as the player can't use items in hard mode. New boards and units are added to the shop as Yuffie ranks up in Fort Condor.

Ware Type Coin Available
Mega-Potion Item 1 Always
Ether Item 2 Always
Elixir Item 5 Rank 5
Phoenix Down Item 1 Always
Battalion Board I[note 1] Board 2 Rank 2
Assassin Board I[note 2] Board 2 Rank 2
Sorcerer Board II[note 3] Board 2 Rank 2
Battalion Board II[note 4] Board 3 Rank 3
Assassin Board II[note 5] Board 3 Rank 3
Grandmaster Board Board 5 Rank 5
Shock Trooper (Vanguard) Unit 1 Always
Cutter (Vanguard) Unit 3 Rank 3
Elite Shock Trooper (Ranged) Unit 2 Rank 2
Sentry Ray (Ranged) Unit 1 Always
Slug-Ray Facility (Ranged) Unit 2 Rank 2
Helicopter (Defense) Unit 3 Rank 3
Sentry Gun (Defense) Unit 2 Rank 2
Sledgeworm (Defense) Unit 3 Rank 3
  1. Kyrie Canaan gives Battalion Board I if she is the last Rank 1 opponent whom Yuffie beats.
  2. Shinra Middle Manager gives Assassin Board I if he is the last Rank 1 opponent whom Yuffie beats.
  3. Johnny gives Sorcerer Board II if he is the last Rank 1 opponent whom Yuffie beats.
  4. Roche gives Battalion Board II if he is the last Rank 2 opponent whom Yuffie beats.
  5. Jessie Rasberry gives Assassin Board II if she is the last Rank 2 opponent whom Yuffie beats.