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Record of the Tailed Sage

Item description for each of the five entries

The Old Personal Posting is a written record in the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy that describes Y'shtola's tenure in Grymoire. There are five records, each written by a different person, and can be obtained by examining white cats in certain areas of Grymoire. An Old Personal Posting entry is then added to the player's Key Items inventory and can be read from there.

Obtaining all five Old Personal Posting records unlocks Y'shtola's Champion Jewel, which can then be obtained by trading in two Arma Gems with the Girl Who Forgot Her Name.

List of entries[]

Old Personal Posting 1[]

Added by examining the white cat inside Sherlotta's Solace, in the corner

Searching for: Lady with a Tail 1/1

I'm looking for a nice older girl with a tail. One time when I was on a boat with papa, there was a storm and all these mean Mirages came out. I was so scared, but this nice girl suddenly came and helped us! She spread her arms out like this, and BOOM! A magic wall appeared out of nowhere! I wrote a letter thanking her for saving us, and I want to give it to her myself. I hope that someone can find her for me.
-An expressive little girl

Old Personal Posting 2[]

Added by examining the white cat at the foot of Figaro Castle

Searching for: Healer with a Tail 1/1

I am looking for a beautiful woman with catlike ears and a tail. Recently, many soldiers were injured when the Cogna in the lower levels were running wild, including myself. But this woman appeared out of nowhere and began treating our wounds. She simply waved her arm and our wounds began to vanish! My liege, King Stewart, would like to thank her for her kind deed, so if anyone sees her, please tell her to come to Figaro Castle once again.
-A soldier healing from his wounds

Old Personal Posting 3[]

Added by examining the white cat at the back alley in the Tometown of the Ancients

Ancient Text Expert 1/1

The woman I seek is a connoisseur of ancient texts. Just the other day, she appeared out of nowhere and began to transcribe some texts that we have never been able to decipher! But she disappeared before we could even thank her and we discovered another shelf full of undecipherable text, so if someone could find her and ask her to come back to the library, it would be greatly appreciated.
-A young clerk at the Library of the Ancients

Old Personal Posting 4[]

Added by examining the white cat in Port Besaid, around the corner of the building near the Gate

Searching for: A Very Sharp Woman 1/1

So this woman was wearing white and some kind of cat costume. She had dozed off in public, so I thought I'd relieve her of her belongings. But when I drew close, she suddenly said, "If you come any closer, there will be...consequences." How did she know I was approaching when she had her eyes closed?! My pride as a bandit was tarnished that day, and I have a score to settle. If anyone sees this woman, let me know.
-A very self-confident bandit

Old Personal Posting 5[]

Added by examining the white cat in Balamb Garden, in the left wing

Searching for: My Savior 1/1

I am searching for a sorceress dressed in white with the ears and tail of a cat. When I was walking through the catacombs one day, I was attacked by Mirages, but this woman suddenly appeared and stood between them and me. Unfortunately, the catacombs collapsed while she was fending off the Mirages, and I was later not able to find a single trace of her even being there. I owe this woman my life. If anyone sees someone matching the description, please let me know.
-An agent of a certain organization


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