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Entrance to Old Mine.

The Old Mine (禁断の廃坑, Kindan no Haikou?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure. A dwarf named Watts enjoys going to this mine. A healing spring can be found inside the mine.


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Sumo comes in search for Watts within the Old Mine, he uses some oil on the trolley and goes for a ride around the tracks and hitting the correct switches along the way. He manages to arrive at a dead end and goes flying through the air and drops down the mine shaft. When Sumo regains consciousness, a dwarf that is nearby asking him if he's alright. When the dwarf learns that Sumo is looking for silver, he joins him on his quest.

At the bottom of the mine, Sumo and Watts comes across the Megapede. Upon its defeat, they claim the silver. Outside the mine, Watts tells Sumo that he'll take it back home and forge armor and swords from the silver.

After Julius's Defeat, Sumo visit Watts inside the mine.

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  • Silver


  • In the Japanese version, the equipment made by Watts and the dwarves is forged from Mythril, not Silver.