The Old Man's House is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is found north-east of Junon, and is a cave on the riverbank.

When the player has acquired the buggy, they may drive it to Costa del Sol and transport it to Junon via the Cargo Ship and drive up the river to reach the cave. Inside, the man will give the player an item if they have fought a number of battles to the point the tens and ones digits of the total number of battles fought are the same (i.e., 11, 322, 599, etc).

If the digits are 00, 11, 33, 55, 77, or 99 he gives the player a piece of Mythril. If they are 22, 44, 66, or 88, he gives a Bolt Ring.

Once the player has acquired the Tiny Bronco they can visit the Weapon Seller to trade the Mythril for Aeris' ultimate Limit manual, Great Gospel, or a Gold Armlet.

The player can only get the Bolt Ring once, though the player can keep picking up Mythril until they have traded some for both the Great Gospel and the Gold Armlet, but they may only have one in their inventory at a time. Therefore, the player can pick up Mythril 100 times in a save file and trade them for 99 of one of the Weapon Seller's items and 1 of the other.

If the player does not meet the conditions to obtain an item, the man may say a number of things determined on entrance to the area. The dialogue is as follows:

Chance Dialogue
82/256 Large Materia
needs high level Materia…
82/256 Come on.
You already escaped {number of escapes} times.
92/256 You've already fought {number of battles} times…

The first time speaking to him after the Shinra submarine mission will always give the Materia dialogue. The Materia dialogue is an indication that the Huge Materia give the Master Materia when Mastered Materia are presented to them.

Attempting to interact with the yellow box by the bed will give the dialogue:

What're you groping around for?
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