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A crater that consumes most of the region.

Old Lorica Region (旧ロリカ地域, Kyū Rorika Chiki?), also referred to as Old Lorica, is a region of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is first visited in chapter 4 when Class Zero escapes the Militesi Empire to this area. At first, chocobos cannot be ridden here. The area marks where the Lorican Alliance used to be, but due to the empire having deployed the Ultima Bomb at the area, there is but wasteland and a colossal crater in the ground.


Deserted House[]

The forest where Deserted House is.

After escaping Ingram, the cadets seek refuge in the Deserted House within a forest where they stay overnight before moving on. The house is within a forest and invisible on the world map.

Black Tortoise Crevasse[]

The cave entrance.

The Black Tortoise Crevasse is a cave located on a side of a mountain from the crater. It has LV70+ enemies inside and Mog warns the cadets from venturing there on their first excursion to the area.

Ultima Ground Zero[]

Ultima Ground Zero is a labyrinthine dungeon accessible by passing the Black Tortoise Crevasse.


Chocobo Catching[]

The party catching a chocobo.

The chocobo type caught here is Fleetfoot Chocobo. They can be caught by spotting them on the field and then pressing the action button near it.


  • l'Cie Qun'mi's Crystal - Found on the left side of the crater, en route to the Black Tortoise Crevasse.


Battle background.

Enemies here are between levels 23-46