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The checkpoint on the banks of the Lett River was at one point a key strategic area for defense and transportation.

After the Lilty conquest and the advent of crystal locomotives, this area has become barren and receives few visitors. On a side note, this area is popular with Lilty sentries as an 'easy assignment'.

The Lett River which flows from the forests in the north can be beautiful, yet deadly. Though it provides the surrounding lands with life-sustaining water, it also at times brings vicious floods that change the very shape of the land. The upper stream is specially dangerous, and Clavat children are strictly warned by their mothers to stay away from the water after a rainy day.

In-game description

Old Lett Aqueduct is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is an aqueduct that connects to the Harvest Prairie, the Silent Spring, and the Lett Highlands.

It takes its namesake from the Lett River, which allows the lands around it to be fertile despite the nearby wildlands, but has the downside of the occurrence of extremely dangerous floods. As a result, Clavat children are warned by the adults to stay away from the water after a rainy day.

With no Miasma Streams, the Aqueduct is a tranquil passageway, with a few Royal Guards, a Mail Moogle and a Clavat woman (who has a tendency of rolling down the hill along with her pumpkins, allowing Layle to earn gil by saving her) being constantly around the area.

Notable items to interact with are Bee Hives and Nuts (these nuts have no correlation with the material of the same name), which can be taken from treetops. Some Bee Hives house a green heart to replenish a bit of Layle's health.

There are rental chocobos for use near the great gate.

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