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Record of the Wild Rose Rebel

Item description for each of the five entries

The Old Journalist Notes are written records in the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy that describe Firion's tenure in Grymoire. Five records are found as shining objects, which are added to the player's Key Items inventory when obtained and can be read from there.

Obtaining all five Old Journalist Notes unlocks Firion's Champion Jewel, which can then be obtained by trading in two Arma Gem Arma Gems with the Girl Who Forgot Her Name.

List of entries[]

Old Journalist Notes 1[]

Added by finding it on the highest floor in Cornelia, near the Cactuar Express station

The Wild Rose Rebel 1/1

There are reports of a man who is leading a personal resistance movement against the surging Bahamutian Army. He calls himself the "Wild Rose Rebel," and is known for his silver hair and colorful bandana. Unbelievable rumors of him ambushing key Bahamutian figures and destroying Bahamutian ships abound. A scoop like this Wild Rose Rebel is hard for a journalist to ignore; I have decided to head to Saronia, where he is rumored to be headed.

Old Journalist Notes 2[]

Added by finding it in the tree next to the Gate in Saronia Harbor. Cannot be gotten during the events of Chapter 20 as Saronia becomes temporarily inaccessible, but will still be available after completing the postscript.

Pirate Connections? 1/1

The rumors were true; the Wild Rose Rebel had indeed visited Saronia. A local fisherman told me that a man wearing a flashy bandana had asked to charter his boat, claiming he had business in Agarthir. The fisherman refused his request, telling him to go ask pirates for a ride. To which the man apparently answered, "Where can I find some pirates?" The fisherman, initially annoyed by the man's surly behavior, could not help but be impressed by his bravado.

Old Journalist Notes 3[]

Added by finding it in Agarthir, in a corner on the right hand side from the Gate

Wanted Notice 1/1

As this town has joined the Bahamution Federation, its streets are littered with notices of wanted individuals who have perpetrated crimes against the Federation. Once such notice reads, "The Wild Rose Rebel - silver hair, bandana, armor, cloak, red sword. Dangerous criminal who perpetrated the recent assault on the esteemed Master Borghen. Thought to be hiding in the vicinity. Eyewitnesses should alert a Federation soldier immediately." There is no doubt that the Federation views the Wild Rose Rebel as a threat.

Old Journalist Notes 4[]

Added by finding it in Nibelheim, in a back alley between an inn and the Honey Bee Inn

Pink Sign 1/1

I was able to obtain several eyewitness accounts of the Wild Rose Rebel in town. One claimed that after hearing a "*gulp*" sound, he saw a man staring at a pink sign. A woman claimed that she saw him and remarked that he was much more handsome than his image in the wanted notices. She also claimed that a woman who appeared to know him "dragged him out of town," saying something about the "Coliseum." I have never heard of such a place, but I will have to find out where it is.

Old Journalist Notes 5[]

Added by finding it in The Coliseum, near the wall to the right of the Administration Desk

Searching for a Princess 1/1

Before I knew it, I stood before the tonberry who operated the Coliseum. Tonberries are very dangerous Mirages but the one standing behind the counter here seems harmless enough. When I asked the tonberry about the Wild Rose Rebel, he replied that he had indeed been there and had won many matches. The man apparently thought that winning enough matches would grant him an audience with a princess. When the tonberry told him there were no princesses at the Coliseum, the man apparently became dejected and promptly left.


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