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Old Acquaintances is the third chapter in World of Final Fantasy. It comprises the events of Lann and Reynn leaving Cornelia to search of stronger Mirages.


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Lann and Reynn leave Cornelia to capture more Mirages, and eventually make their way to a cavern called the Nether Nebula. Within the Nether Nebula, Reynn and Lann encounter the powerful mirages Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh, whom they have unknowingly met before, and agree to a test of strength. While they pass, they do not have the strength to command such powerful Mirages and are left with a prismarium of a lesser Mirage from their tribe. They return to Cornelia to face the Bahamutian Army.

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This chapter is fairly short, as with the previous two chapters. The player's first boss battle is against one of the three Pleiad of their choosing (Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh), and their victory over them rewards them with a prismarium of a low-level Mirage from their tribe (Fritt, Bablizz, or Zapt, respectively). The chapter brings up more information about the Gates as well as introducing more of the game's mechanics such as Mirajewels, Puzzle Switches, and the fast-travel Windways feature in Nine Wood Hills.

This chapter does not contain any Miniventures.


Cornelia Region[]

REYNN: Princess Sarah said the Nether Nebula is northeast of Cornelia, right?

The Nether Nebula[]

Cavern 1

LANN: I'm gonna search the caves corner to corner for Mirages!

Cavern 4

After defeating Shiva, Ramuh or Ifrit
REYNN: Why don't we head back to Cornelia?

Tip Jar tips[]

The following tips pop up on the Tip Jar during this chapter:

Cornelia Region
The Nether Nebula
Nine Wood Hills

Theater Mode cutscenes[]

  • Guardians of the Nebula
  • The Masked Woman