Faris under the Old status.

Old (オールド, Oorudo?) is a status ailment exclusive to Final Fantasy V, which rapidly ages the target (changing their hair color to white; this change is not present when used on enemies), thus lowering their level. It is caused by the Ancient Sword, Old Time Magic spell, the Blue Magic spells Level 2 Old and Time Slip, the Dark Arts skill Dark Haze, and the Cannoneer's Silver Cannon. When Old is used on characters, all of that character's stats, minus their level, will gradually decrease to 1. When used on monsters, that monster's level and Speed are gradually decreased to 1, which in turn affects that monster's Magic Attack multiplier.

Old can be cured by various means, such as a White Mage's Esuna, but the stat changes remain till the end of battle; removal just stops further decay.

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