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Oilboyle is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Two are fought in Balamb Garden - MD Level. Much later on, Oilboyles can be encountered in some parts of Ultimecia Castle as regular encounters, although only one at a time.


Battle Edit

Oilboyles are weak to Fire. They can draw their own magic to cure status or heal. Oil Blast is a counter attack used when one third of Oilboyle's HP is removed. Sonic Wave targets all characters and can inflict Curse. Unlike most bosses, Quistis's Degenerator Limit Break can be used successfully against them.

Strategy Edit

By junctioning Fire to elemental attack and using Fire magic, the player can quickly defeat the two Oilboyles. In addition to Quistis's Degenerator, another good Limit Break is Irvine's Fire Shot. The Guardian Force Ifrit with boost can also quickly defeat them.

Triple Triad Edit

Oilboyle Card
TTOilboyle Element None
Refine 1 refines into 30 Fire Ammo
Drop N/A
Card Cockatrice, GIM47N
Level 6 (Boss Card) Win N/A

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