Oil spell in Final Fantasy XII

Oil (オイル, Oiru?) is a recurring ability in the series, first appearing as a spell in the Ivalice Alliance. It inflicts the status effect of the same name, which causes the target to become vulnerable to Fire-elemental damage, or simply deals Fire or non-elemental damage to one target.


Final Fantasy VII

Oil is the attack of the Hard Attacker enemy, which deals Fire-elemental physical damage to one party member.

Final Fantasy XII

Oil is a Green Magick spell that causes the Oil status, which triples the power of fire damage. Its License is Green Magick 4, which costs 40 License Points. Some enemies (most notably fire-elemental enemies) can cast Oil as well in tandem with fire spells afterwards. The spell can be bought in Rabanastre, Bhujerba, and Dalmasca Westersand for 600 gil.

The Zodiac versions, retains Oil as Green Magick with its License being Green Magick 1 that still costs 40 LP. Oil can be learned by five job classes; White Mage, Machinist, Red Battlemage, Time Battlemage and Black Mage, although Machinist must obtain the Esper License for Exodus first.

Oil has 80% base chance to inflict the target, but is affected by the caster's magick power and the target's vitality.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Oil spell can be cast by the Green Mage, who learns it from the Sledgehammer for 250 AP. It costs 8 MP to use.

Final Fantasy Tactics S

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